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About 1dedic Web Hosting

1dedic Web Hosting offers dedicated servers in two modern data centers in Moscow – WEB DC and IXcellerate Tier III Design. A wide range of ready-made configurations is presented, it is also possible to assemble your own based on modern equipment from leading manufacturers Intel and AMD.

On January 28, 2020, they celebrated anniversary on a grand scale. They prepared the history of the company in infographics and gave gifts for a whole month. The holiday is over, but interesting facts and figures from the life of FirstDEDIC are still here.

For 10 years they have come a long way and have grown to one of the most popular hosting providers in Russia. But once they started with a dozen dedicated servers and could count clients on the fingers. But times are changing and now thousands of people living in different countries use services.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting Name1dedic Web Hosting
Price Start From$49.13
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 3 Days
AddressBolshoi Boulevard, 42 building 1, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


  • Disk for backups from 2 rubles per gigabyte
  • Server technical support from 1,000 rubles
  • Availability monitoring from 1,000 rubles
  • Protection against DDoS attacks from 250 rubles/month
  • Security audit from 2,500 rubles
  • VLAN/VPU from 800 rubles
  • Announcement of IP addresses from 1,500 rubles
  • Gigabit channel


They host servers in two modern data centers  WEB DC and  IXcellerate – in the territory of the Russian Federation. They regularly update the technical park, expand the capacity of channels. They monitor the stable operation of each infrastructure node in order to maintain a high level of uptime.

For legal entities

They will provide a commercial offer, conclude an agreement and send the original documents. They automatically generate documents at any time. They work without VAT.

Payment Methods

They accept payment by Visa and MasterCard bank cards, through WebMoney, QIWI and YuMoney payment systems.

An SSL certificate is an electronic document that confirms the data of the site owner.

A tool for secure data transfer between a user and a web resource. The certificate includes information about the public key for data encryption, data about the owner, as well as the signature of the certification center, which verified the validity of the data contained in the certificate.

Secure communication with the user

Encryption and protection of connections between the server and the client are relevant for almost any site that involves the possibility of exchanging any data with the user. Even a simple authorization system on a site that requires entering a username, password, and email address can be of interest to hackers and be attacked. For sites where users have to enter even more sensitive personal data (such as phone numbers and credit cards in online stores), as well as for corporate Internet portals, strong encryption is strictly required.

Confidence in the reliability of your resource

The presence of an SSL certificate on the site not only provides technical data protection, but also works on an emotional level – site visitors feel more secure and less worried if it becomes necessary for them to send any personal data. At the same time, users’ attention is immediately drawn to the presence of a certificate – in the address bar of any modern browser, when you open a site using SSL technology, a special padlock symbol is displayed. In addition, certificates of the highest degree of trust with extended verification additionally color the address bar in green.

Three Types of SSL Certificate Validation

Almost every certification center today allows you to order an SSL certificate of one of three possible security levels. They differ in cost, speed of registration and verification methods.

[DV]-certificates (Domain Validation) provide a basic level of protection and are issued in about 5 minutes. They are suitable for sites that do not involve the exchange of sensitive data with users or the need to verify the personal data of the resource owner. When issuing such an SSL certificate, the customer only needs to respond to an automatic verification email sent by the certification center by email.

[OV]-certificates (Organization Validation) are issued only after checking the documents of the organization that ordered the certificate. Verification usually takes several days. This is not only about technical protection – the presence of an SSL certificate of this type tells site visitors that the company owning it is real, and the information provided about it is true.

[EV]-certificates (Extended Validation – Extended verification) are certificates of the highest degree of reliability and are provided only to legal entities after a thorough check of all documents and details. Only domains protected by SSL certificates with extended verification are displayed in green in the address bar of the browser.

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