Ajaxsearchpro Plugin Review : How It Work , Pro , Cons

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What Is Ajaxsearchpro ?

Ajaxsearchpro is a potent and adaptable WordPress search plugin that improves the built-in search capabilities. As users type their queries, search results are dynamically displayed using Ajax technology, giving them immediate feedback and saving them time.

Several customization possibilities are available with Ajaxsearchpro, including the ability to modify the look and feel of the search bar, filter search results by post type or category, and combine search results with media such as photographs, videos, and other types of media.

Further functions like search statistics, search relevance optimisation, and the capacity to search custom fields and taxonomies are also included.

Key Points Of Ajaxsearchpro Plugin

Plugin NamesAjaxsearchpro
CMS SupportedWordPress
Plugin TypesSEO
Free Option AvailableYes
Paid Option AvailableYes It Is Paid Option
Starting Price39$
Support OptionClick Here For Support
Buy Shop LinkClick Here Visit Rank Math Website

Ajaxsearchpro Plugin Features List

Fast Fuzzy SearchHigh AccuracyBeautiful Layouts
Infinite Customization Responsive LayoutHighly Rated
Multiple Search BarsHigly CustomizationSharp
Powerful FiltersWell DocumentedLayouts Themes

How To Download Ajaxsearchpro Plugin ?

You Can Download Ajaxsearchpro Plugin In Two Ways. Download It From WordPress Dashboard By Searching For Plugins Or Else Download It From Ajaxsearchpro Website.

What Is Cost Of Ajaxsearchpro Premium Versions?

What Is Cost Of Ajaxsearchpro Premium Versions?

Ajaxsearchpro Is A Very Affordable Option Compared To Other Top Plugins. The Plugin Offers Three Different Packages. They Cost Just $0 And $39 Respectively.

Where I Can Buy Ajaxsearchpro Plugin ?

Ajaxsearchpro plugin can be purchased on the official CodeCanyon marketplace. Ajaxsearchpro is one of a number of high-quality WordPress plugins available on the reputed online store CodeCanyon.

You must first register for a CodeCanyon account before utilising the search bar or the WordPress plugins category to look for Ajaxsearchpro. When you’ve discovered the Ajaxsearchpro plugin, you may buy it by using a supported payment option, such PayPal or a credit card.

You can download and install the Ajaxsearchpro plugin on your WordPress website after completing your payment. The plugin’s creator will also provide you access to future upgrades and support.

How To Install & Setup Ajaxsearchpro Plugin ?

First Step Install Plugin From Plugin Section Of WordPress . Go To Plugin Than Click On Add New Option & Choose File From Your Computer And Click On Install Now Button . If Plugin Free Version Available Than You Can Download Directly From WordPress Directory .

How To Install & Setup Ajaxsearchpro Plugin ?

Ajaxsearchpro Features

Wide Content Support

Searching any custom post type, custom fields, taxonomy terms, attachments, users, WooCommerce, ACF, WPML, Events Calendar, PDF, text and Office file contents and many many more..

Multiple Search bars

Create as many search instances as you want, with different configurations – or only just one, if that is all you need. Each instance has a unique shortcode and a separate widgets available.

All languages Supported

Ajax Search Pro supports every language. Searches with special characters from Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Cyrillic etc.. are all supported.

Lifetime Updates

Pay once get all the future updates! The plugin is regularly updated, at least 10 times a year. You can check the changelog for more details about each update too.

Super fast

All the search queries are otpimized to the best possible performance.
Everything happens on your local server, no 3rd party service is required.

All Page Builders supported

Elementor, Divi Builder, WPBakery, Oxygen Builder, Gutenberg – just to name a few. All of them will work seamlessly with Ajax Search Pro.

How To Contact Ajaxsearchpro Plugin Support If I Need Help?

You can follow these procedures to get in touch with Ajaxsearchpro plugin support:

  1. Visit the Ajaxsearchpro plugin page on the WordPress repository or the Ajaxsearchpro website to use the plugin.
  2. Search for the “Support” button or tab.
  3. Click the “Support” tab if you’re on the WordPress repository page. Look for a “Support” button or link in the primary navigation menu if you’re on the official website.
  4. If you’re unsure whether your query or problem has previously been handled, search the list of assistance threads. If not, press the icon or link that says “Start a new support thread.”
  5. Fill out the necessary information, including a title that is clear and informative and a thorough explanation of your problem or query.
  6. Submit your support enquiry and watch for the Ajaxsearchpro plugin support team’s response.

By looking for a “Contact Us” page or a help email address on their official website, you may also try contacting the Ajaxsearchpro plugin support team directly.

Ajaxsearchpro Plugin Alternative ( Ajaxsearchpro Vs FiboSearch)

FiboSearch Plugin

Ajaxsearchpro Plugin Alternative ( Ajaxsearchpro Vs FiboSearch)

The most popular WooCommerce product search plugin. It gives your users a well-designed advanced AJAX search bar with live search suggestions. By default, WooCommerce provides a very simple search solution, without live product search or even SKU search. FiboSearch (formerly Ajax Search for WooCommerce) provides advanced search with live suggestions.

Ajaxsearchpro Pro Or Cons

For your website, Ajaxsearchpro offers a robust and adaptable search solution.Because Ajaxsearchpro is a paid plugin, you must purchase it in order to use all of its features.
The plugin may need to be set up and customised to your preferences using some technical knowledge.The plugin may need to be set up and customised to your preferences using some technical knowledge.
Users of Ajaxsearchpro can search across a variety of content kinds, including posts, pages, goods, and more, and receive real-time search results.
A smooth user experience is provided by the plugin, which also has a responsive design and quick search results.

Ajaxsearchpro Final Verdict

Ajaxsearchpro is a robust and adaptable search plugin for WordPress websites, to sum up. It is a trustworthy and effective search solution because it offers real-time search results and accommodates different content types. The plugin offers a smooth user experience with responsive design and quick search results, and it is simple to install and configure.

Unfortunately, because Ajaxsearchpro is a premium plugin, you must pay to use all of its features. Setting it up and optimizing it could also involve some technical know-how, which might be difficult for certain users. Also, if not optimized properly or if there are many search results to display, it could lengthen the time it takes for a website to load.

Ajaxsearchpro could be a great option if you’re seeking for a robust and configurable search plugin for your WordPress website and have the funds and technical know-how to optimise it. But, you might need to think about other search options if your budget is small or you lack technological expertise.

Frequently Ask Questions About Ajaxsearchpro Plugin

Ajaxsearchpro What is it?

Ajaxsearchpro is a WordPress plugin that gives your website powerful search capabilities. It enables users to search for information on your website using a variety of options and filters, including custom fields, categories, tags, and more.

What distinguishing qualities does Ajaxsearchpro have?

Instant search results, customised search options and filters, support for many languages, integration with WooCommerce, flexible design, and other features are just a few of Ajaxsearchpro’s key attributes.

What is the procedure for setting up Ajaxsearchpro on a WordPress website?

By downloading the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or making a purchase from the developer’s website, you may install Ajaxsearchpro. After the plugin file is in your possession, you can upload it to your WordPress website and activate it using the Plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard.

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