Aldeahost Web Hosting Review: 99.5% Online Guaranteed

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About Aldeahost Web Hosting

With so many web hosting providers to choose from, at Aldeahost Web Hosting the best hosting in Mexico they want this important decision to be as easy as possible for you. With cutting-edge technology, the best software, the best data centers, a high-quality service and the heroic support of Aldeahost, they are the hosting company you need so that together they can grow your project on the internet.

Some Quick Facts About Aldeahost Web Hosting

Simba Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameAldeahost Web Hosting
Price Start From1.35/ m
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 14 Days
Email Support[email protected]
AddressAvenida De Los Ejidos 125, Habitacional Los Reyes Ixtacala Barrio de los Árboles/Barrio de los Héroes, Tlalnepantla, México
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Hosting Plans

Hosting in Mexico Aldeahost

Hosting in Mexico Aldeahost   since 2009 they form the best technical support team and every day we work and strive with the most advanced technology that is why today we are one of the most recognized web hosting companies in Mexico and in Spanish, know what What the media think of Aldeahost Web Hosting , with more than 2000 clients in Spain, Argentina, Peru, China, United Kingdom, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico, being one of the most reliable web hosting providers in Spanish with data centers in :Amsterdam Europe, New Jersey, Dallas and Tampa Bay 

Aldeahost helps the planet

Aldeahost es Verde participates and supports different organizations to help reduce global warming on the planet, 95% of the servers we use have advanced technology that saves electricity, by the end of 2021 more than half of the servers will be hosted in an ecological data center running on clean energy, Aldeahost workers most of the time they move by public transport and bicycle, in the future they want to improve the company but helping the planet

Aldeahost Work Team and Staff

They Consolidate and Strengthen Thanks to the Confidence of the Mexican Consumer in One of the First Options when Choosing Web Hosting and Web Hosting in Mexico. Aldeahost Web Hosting ‘s work team has been made up of very talented personnel, who each have years of experience and, in addition to constant training, state-of-the-art technology, result in a valuable work team that daily gives their best to provide you with personalized attention and above all a fantastic service experience. 

We are Aldeahost The hosting company that you always dreamed of knowing

Easy to use

With Aldeahost Web Hosting Server Configurations, You Can Install Joomla or WordPress In A Couple Of Clicks

always innovating

They Always Try To Have The Most Current Versions Of Software Pre-Installed For You

99.5% Online Guaranteed

If your site is down for more than 1 hour per month, Aldeahost Web Hosting will give you a bonus of 2 weeks for each inaccessible hour, without excuses or pretexts.

more secure server

They improve and reinforce the security of our web servers with the best technology.

Heroic Tech Support

Aldeahost Web Hosting Real, human and personalized support through the client system, via chat or telephone. Technicians willing to do their best to help you

Tutorials and Ebooks

At any time you can consult the tutorials and ebooks and improve your skills

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