Budgetvm Web Hosting Review: Powerful Dedicated and Cloud Servers

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About Budgetvm Web Hosting

Budgetvm Web Hosting is a leading provider of hosting and virtualization solutions. They provide customers with advanced tools to deploy, manage and maintain their products and services. This, coupled with strategic relationships, allows to provide the most reliable solutions at the best value. With over 15 years of experience, and a range of hosting services to suit every budget and business plan, your servers are in safe hands with BudgetVM.

Some Quick Facts About Budgetvm Web Hosting

Budgetvm Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameBudgetvm Web Hosting
Price Start From$12.50
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime
Email Support[email protected]
Address109 E. 17th St. Ste 5732 Cheyenne, WY
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Bare Metal Servers

Dedicated servers providing you private or web-based application the ultimate in performance, reliability and security, all tailored and optimized specifically to your requirements.

Ideal for when your application requires optimum IO performance, large amounts of memory or processing resources.

Cloud Servers

Budgetvm Web Hosting power and performance of a dedicated server at a reduced cost, with the ability to scale when you need to.

Ideal for dynamic applications that need an affordable, scalable, and highly accessible solution with dedicated resources.

Private Clouds

All the benefits of using cloud servers, but with custom hardware and infrastructure dedicated to your business for even better performance.

Ideal for guaranteed resource availability, low costs, and the best in flexibility, accessibility and security.

VPS Servers

Budgetvm Web Hosting VPS Servers are our most cost-effective solution for your web based or private application, utilizing the same technology as our Cloud Server Solutions with less resources and a lower cost.

Ideal for applications with a lower resource requirement that have tighter budget constraints.

Why choose BudgetVM

The range of server solutions means you can always find a suitable plan to meet your hosting needs. Whether you’re a new business looking to keep costs low or need enterprise level resources and support, BudgetVM has a plan for you. When your business grows, we’ll be your partner every step of the way, helping you access more server power and resources as you need them.

Fast Deployment

Budgetvm Web Hosting average server deployment time is under 10 minutes. You’ll have your server in minutes with your operating system installed and network configured for you.

DDOS Protection

Your Dedicated Server will be protected against DDOS attacks by our 1,800 + Gbps Denial of Service Mitigation system.

Blazing Fast Network

BudgetVM Dedicated Servers are powered by our 2,000 Gbps network to ensure blazing fast connectivity.

Operating Systems

Budgetvm Web Hosting 32 and 64 bit versions of CentOS, Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019, Debian, Scientfic Linux, Ubuntu, Proxmox, Xenserver, VMware ESxi and many more.

Enterprise SLA

100% Service Uptime Guarantee.

Centralized Portal to Manage All Aspects of Your Account

The BudgetVM APEX portal provides a central location to deploy and manage all of your services including virtual servers, dedicated servers and cloud hosting accounts. APEX provides an intuitive interface that allows you complete control over your server with the visibility to monitor the health of your service.

What services does BudgetVM provide?

Budgetvm Web Hosting server solutions are not just for building websites! With BudgetVM, you can keep all your digital assets and services running smoothly at all times.

Game Servers

High-performance gaming servers to deliver a seamless experience to players worldwide.

Storage Servers

High-storage, durable servers for storing, archiving, and backing up your data in volume.

Database Servers

Budgetvm Web Hosting Leave the complexity of database administration to us so you can focus on building your business.

Ecommerce Servers

Fast and secure eCommerce servers to host your products and help your customers shop.

Cloud Backup

Improve downtime and reduce time and money spent on standard backup procedures.

Cloud Storage

Budgetvm Web Hosting Scalable storage solutions tailored to your needs, synced to access whenever you need it.

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