Centralserver Web Hosting Review: Control Costs and Security

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About Centralserver Web Hosting

Centralserver Web Hosting Anyone puts you in the cloud, but once you’re there, who will keep the infrastructure optimized and secure to protect your investments? They work to help your business grow using cloud computing, without you having to specialize in the technology. They want to hear from customers “Wow, how could They live without CentralServer?” the way they integrate into your business.

They provide managed cloud computing services that support business growth. The solutions are developed from alliances with market leaders, such as: Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Microsoft Azure and VMware Cloud . They work with custom projects from deployment to sustainment, allowing you to focus on your goals while using the cloud.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameCentralserver Web Hosting
Price Start From$7.66 – $27.62
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Any Time
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How It Works

1 Talk to team about your project.

2 Discover managed cloud computing solutions.

3 Have your business running in the cloud, with the support of CentralServer.

Why Centralserver

For you to extract the greatest benefits from cloud computing . They make it easy to provision, monitor and operate different clouds. Run your applications in a virtual data center or on public clouds with the support of Experts. Use the cloud with more predictability of cost, security and scalability.

Cloud Computing

When it comes to cloud computing, some managers are slow to take the first steps because they believe in myths. Know what they are and the truths about them.


They help you move forward with the migration project to the cloud in 5 steps:

1 They lift migration requirements

2 They map the internal infrastructure and eligible applications

3 They found the most suitable scenario for using the cloud

4 They present the project

5 They execute the migration together with your team

AWS Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a comprehensive cloud computing framework that, if well orchestrated and utilized, provides the ideal environment to scale your application.

They have AWS certified experts to assist your company in the architecture, security and operation of resources. Extract the best benefits from the cloud.


Focus on what matters most

With CentralServer’s support, your team stays focused on the day-to-day while they migrate, deploy or operate systems on AWS .

Control costs and security

Receive your charges for the same amount billed by AWS Brazil and gain access to CloudCheckr , the complete management platform used by thousands of companies to:

  • AWS resource inventory;
  • detailed spending information;
  • cost alerts;
  • detection of underutilized resources;
  • indication of reserved instances;
  • compliance recommendations with security standards such as: SOC, COBIT, HIPAA. ITIL and ISO 27002.

Strengthen the operation

With the Cloud Operation Service , they monitor 24×7 the performance and availability of the environment to mitigate the downtime of the services.

Focus On Your Business

They help you keep your applications on Microsoft Azure, the fastest growing public cloud.

The technical consulting, migration and systems deployment solutions enable you to maximize the return on your cloud investments.

They reduce your expenses with the Cloud Operation Service , which includes 24×7 monitoring, incident response and optimizations that free up your team’s time.


In addition to virtual servers and databases, Azure offers platforms and functions for any type of application. And CentralServer helps you manage the entire environment.


An innovative infrastructure for activating virtual machines, with a self-service panel that facilitates the management and analysis of consumption of computing resources.

With just a few clicks, you activate or remove servers, generate images and restore points, access endpoints, configure networks and query monitoring data.

Upgrade With Ease

For applications to continue working, it is possible to perform CPU and memory upgrades with ease and with minimal downtime. After rebooting, the operating system automatically recognizes the added features.

Hire With Flexibility

Independently configuring processing and memory allows for nearly limitless options for virtual server configurations.

You can hire resources on demand, reserved in Pool or combine the two models to optimize investments.

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