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Cloudify Web Hosting Review: VPS Servers with AMD Epyc Milan (3rd gen)

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About Cloudify Web Hosting

Cloudify Web Hosting provides Openstack Cloud at the best price in Europe. Having access to the Openstack APIs, you can leverage automation and CLI tools to easily drive through your cloud journey. They use state-of-art hardware and thrive ourselves with the customer support.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameCloudify Web Hosting
Price Start From$2.51 – $32.07
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressVox Technology Park, Calea Torontalului, Timișoara, Romania
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How pricing works for shared hosting?

You can create a cPanel account for free. You can create unlimited domains and email addresses for free. Once you start uploading files, getting traffic on your website or sending emails, they will charge you only for the load generated by that activity.

Your hosting account is divided into the following resources:
SSD space – any file uploaded and stored on your hosting account.
CPU and RAM – each visit on your website generates a certain load on our servers, more exactly on its CPU and RAM components.
Traffic – the data being transferred between our servers and your clients.
Emails – any email sent from your configured email addresses.

Pricing in numbers

Below is a deep breakdown of how each resource is charged.
CPU: 0.04 EUR/h for a fully loaded CPU core (100%) during 1h (or 0.0004 EUR/h for each 1% of a CPU core)
SSD: 0.0002 EUR/h for 1 GB of NVMe SSD space used (or 0.144 EUR/month for 1 GB in a 30 days month)
RAM: 0.00002 EUR/h for 1 MB RAM used for 1 entire hour (or 0.02 EUR/h for 1 GB RAM)
Traffic: 0.03 EUR for 1 GB of internet traffic generated by your account
Email: 0.05 EUR for each 1000 emails sent out from your hosting account.
IPv4: 0.003 EUR/h for a dedicated IPv4 Address (or 2 EUR/month)

Cloud Computing

Cloud servers are designed for any type of application. Cloudify’s scalable solutions allow any project to grow using the cloud computing platform.

VPS in the Cloud

Cloudify Web Hosting Virtual servers suitable for applications of any size. It is possible to upgrade instantly, they have public IPv4, SSH access and snapshots.

Elastic Dedicated Servers (EDS)

Servers with dedicated resources running in the cloud and represent the generation that replaces classic dedicated servers, benefiting from the facilities of a cloud.

1-Click-Apps marketplace

One-click web applications that are automatically installed when the server is created, using Docker.

Instant resize

Cloudify Web Hosting server can be resized instantly. Also, a VPS can be turned into an Elastic Dedicated Server just as quickly.

Data security

Cloudify has developed a cloud storage environment that allows data to exist simultaneously in different sections of the data center. Cloud storage thus ensures 0% data loss even in case of major failures, and is more reliable than a RAID.

Cloud storage

Software defined storage

All types of servers in the Cloud computing category benefit from high availability storage. Each partition is distributed redundantly across multiple servers in the location.

Additional space (Block storage)

Servers can benefit from extra Hard Disk (HDD) or NVMe space, which can be attached as an additional partition. The partition is resizable and supports snapshots.

Cloud Networking has automated networks (software defined networks) that can scale linearly with the requirements of the applications.

Edge load balancer

A new concept that orchestrates DNS, HTTP proxy and Lets encrypt SSL certificates for exposing domains.

Private networking

The servers can be interconnected through a high-speed private network, available internally in the data center

Cloud DNS

DNS zones for an unlimited number of domains can be managed directly from the modern dashboard created by

A simple and flexible cloud

Pay as you grow (hourly payment)

Cloudify Web Hosting services are charged per hour within the limit of 500 hours in a month, without the need for a fixed subscription. For example, a VPS that costs 0.1 EUR / hour will cost 0.48 EUR for 2 days of use, but if it is functional for the whole month, it will cost 50 EUR (500 * 0.1).

Upgrade, anytime

Servers can be resized instantly, including servers in the Elastic Dedicated Server category. The upgrade is also subject to hourly payment, with no need to pay a price difference. All calculations are made at the end of the billing period.

30-Days money back

Customers who decide to stop using the services within the first 30 days of account creation are entitled to a full refund without giving reasons.

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