Clouding Web Hosting Review: Powerful, Stable and Flexible

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About Clouding Web Hosting

Clouding Web Hosting excited about the goal of giving you a service which they ourselves were genuine fans of. We’re software and systems engineers and programmers passionate about creating the best Cloud platform you can find. They love the job!

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameClouding Web Hosting
Price Start From$3.15 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime
AddressRonda del General Mitre, 25, Barcelona, España
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Configurable servers billed by the hour

Choose the resources that suit you

You decide! Servers to suit you, for everything you need, without pre-established plans. Set up your dynamic and flexible Cloud VPS in less than 30 seconds and come to Clouding!

The Cloud platform you’re looking for

If you like adaptability and the best service, you’ve come to the right place. Clouding is your number one Cloud platform choice, tailored to you and designed with you and your needs in mind.

Billed by the hour

Pay by the hour, not by the month. And enjoy the resources that you really need. They adapt to you, also in the billing of the service.

The cloud that makes a difference

Billing by hours

Forget about paying for a Cloud Server that you don’t use. Pay by the hour and without monthly minimums.

High availability

Your data is always available at all times. We care about your projects as much as you do.

Support close to you

If you have any questions about your Cloud VPS, our own internal Clouding team is here to help.

A fast and flexible platform

Rush hour? Expand your server in the cloud and let those visits come through! Back to normal? Reduce your virtual server whenever you want!


Set up and design your backup system quickly and easily, in seconds! Your projects’ data will always be safe at Clouding, restore your Backups whenever you want and you’re ready to go!


Clone or make instants of your server at any time, before doing an update or making an important change. You can always go back to the previous state, without losing any information!


At Clouding, they know that flexibility is important to you. Therefore, when you’re not using your server you can archive it and save on costs. When you need to go back to normal, do it straightaway!


Change your servers’ resources whenever you want, as many times as you want. Here at Clouding they know that your needs are not always the same, so you can increase or decrease it in seconds.

Private Network

Your data is safe with, and you can always manage it easily and quickly, with the highest performance and the best power that a Dedicated VLAN gives you. There’s no better way!


Connect your software to the Clouding platform without any problems. Exchange information quickly and easily, simplify your work and improve the Clouding experience!


The best components for your Cloud VPS to take off, with maximum reliability and obtaining great results, and, of course, guaranteeing you 100% reliability.

Data Center CPUs

They offer you the fastest and most efficient Cores for your server


The highest range of storage, with the best performance


So you can trust the result of your numbers

Fault tolerant

Only the best hardware can face the unexpected


They designed the best platform: fast, safe, powerful, failsafe and that adapts to you and what you need at all times. The cloud of the latest generation!

KVM Hypervisor

To guarantee performance and availability.


Thousands of monitored parameters to anticipate failures.

Cloud Storage

Your data replicated three times in our Ceph Cluster

Emergency console

A remote keyboard and monitor to solve any problems

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