Colocation America Web Hosting Review: Zero Upfront Costs to Get You Going

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About Colocation America Web Hosting

Back in the 1990s, there was a group of industry-leading Senior Network Engineers working at a top business consulting and marketing firm. Everything was going fine and dandy – Colocation America Web Hosting business was growing and clients were happy except for one thing: the server hosting all of their business-critical data kept on getting knocked offline!

Colocation America Web Hosting tried numerous different hosting providers but every time they got a spike of traffic, down went the server. So they did what any smart (sometimes arrogant) IT professional would do and, in 2000, they started their very own hosting company dedicated to keeping companies online and profitable. This fabulous new venture would be forever called Colocation America.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameColocation America Web Hostin
Price Start From$99.00 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime
Address624 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Building “The Foundation”

Since then, Colocation America has remained focused on providing trusted hosting services with the highest level of security, reliability, and scalability. That’s why Colocation America has never steered far away from what we consider to be “The Foundation” of every IT Infrastructure:

IPs (connectivity), hosting (space), and servers (hardware). Whether a company needs a server to backup their data or a place to host their full IT infrastructure, Colocation America has stayed true to its original mission of keeping clients online.

Over the years, Colocation America realized that there is more to keeping clients online than just providing state-of-the-art data center services; clients are looking to expand and grow their business using our foundation. Clients want to build upon IT Infrastructure and offer their end-users something unique and– of course– something that leads to a great return on investment for them.

Dedicated Servers

Colocation America Web Hosting offers tailored dedicated server specials that will help you reduce upfront costs while providing you with the room to comfortably expand and grow your business. After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT CONNECTIONS…. All of servers are hosted in one of carrier-neutral Los Angeles data centers, with unparalleled connectivity speeds and high-level security systems in place, including DDoS Protection. Colocation America strives to understand your purpose for a server and ensure clients stay online and profitable 100% of the time.


Comprised of the most powerful Microsoft operating systems available, our dedicated Windows server provide robust, highly reliable platforms for anyone looking to run Windows OS.


Enjoy the flexibility & customization with a Linux operating system on your server. From Open Source Software to commercial classics like Red Hat, our servers are optimial for any Linux OS.


Useful for hosting websites that will see sizable growth in data and traffic. Run out of storage space? Simply upgrade the server. High traffic causing slow loading times? Acquire more bandwidth through your provider. Any major website is hosted on the best dedicated server provider, and especially large ones are hosted over a multitude of servers. If enterprise demands and high traffic websites are your business, dedicated servers should be a staple.


Colocation America Web Hosting Providers who have poor customer service generally don’t last long in this market, which is why those that remained typically have high customer service ratings. Beyond customer service, providers will often have additional services that customers can purchase, such as back-up, security, and managed servers.


When acquiring a dedicated hosting service from a respectable provider, the server will be located in a secure location in a well-managed data center. Colocation America Web Hosting is much better than running the server in-house for obvious reasons. Data centers provide optimal conditions for the servers to run at maximum performance, under safe surveillance. Additionally, running a server in the office requires a high level of technical skills that are usually outsourced or hired, costing a lot of money.


Colocation America Web Hosting the safest option available right now for someone who needs their data to be protected. The only person with access to your server is the customer unless the customer pays for someone else to manage it. Simply put, dedicated servers are the only viable option for companies and individuals who cannot afford to have others intrude on their data.

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