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About Dnsimple Web Hosting

Anyone, no matter their skill level, can use Dnsimple Web Hosting to connect their domains to the services they use – without thinking about DNS. Since 2010, we’ve worked to bring streamlined domain name management automation to the internet.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameDnsimple Web Hosting
Price Start From$0.00 – $100.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back N/A
Address23 Lake View Rd, Near mana sarovar apartments
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Using DNSimple is exactly that: Simple. 

Set your DNS records, and move on to more pressing concerns. Manage a highly dynamic infrastructure with constant DNS changes without breaking a sweat. You can rely on us to provide a domain management service that makes your life easier.

The Tools for Successful DNS Automation

ALIAS records

A virtual record that provides CNAME-like behavior on apex domains.

Anycast DNS

Dnsimple Web Hosting Faster sites. Reduces latency by advertising the same IP from different locations.

Full API access

Well documented, battle-tested libraries for you to work with.

Multi-layered DDoS defense

Dnsimple Web Hosting Reduce the risk of your application being down due to DDoS attacks.

Secondary DNS

Add redundancy to your zones by having them replicate to other DNS providers.

Unlimited queries

No monthly query limits on your DNS records.

Unlimited records per zone

Dnsimple Web Hosting No limits on how many records you can have on your zones.

SSL Automation

With Let’s Encrypt™, they provide a fully automated way to request, renew, and install your next single-name or SAN SSL certificate for free.

Email Forwarding

Forward any email from your domain to your existing inbox.

Why is SSL important?


SSL certificates provide encrypted connections between your web browser and the the websites you visit.


Dnsimple Web Hosting Data transmitted between your web browser and websites can’t be read without being decrypted.


This prevents third parties from spying on your information.

Quick and reliable in 3 easy steps

1. Configure

They offer Let’s Encrypt certificates for free, single domain certificates for $20.00 per year, and wildcard certificates for $100.00 per year. As an option, provide your own CSR.

2. Validate

Dnsimple Web Hosting Validate the ownership of the domain to request the certificate.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are automatically validated via DNS. No further interaction is required. Standard certificates require an active email address to receive an email to approve the SSL certificate.

Once the certificate is issued, it will be ready for installation.

3. Install

Quickly install your certificate anywhere. We provide bundles and detailed instructions for popular platforms, or generic instructions if you don’t use a widespread option

Dnsimple Web Hosting make the installation of SSL certificates as fast and simple as possible. Certificate files are bundled for you, and ready to go with one click. No need to think about the intricacies of one particular platform.

DNSimple Security

As a critical component to DNS, domains, and SSL certificates, we take your security seriously. The following illustrates how we handle security, and provides a way to get in touch with for security-specific issues. By reporting those issues, you help continue to be the best DNS hosting option available.

Reporting Security Issues

Dnsimple Web Hosting Send urgent or sensitive reports directly to [email protected], and use public key to keep your messages safe. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Please provide us with a secure way to respond. If you haven’t heard from us in 24 hours, follow up or ping on Twitter. For requests that aren’t urgent or sensitive: submit a support request.

Tracking and Disclosing Security Issues

Dnsimple Web Hosting you’re interested in executing tests against systems for your security research, please use sandbox system rather than production systems. The sandbox system is running the same web application as production but does not involve production data. For information about how to activate your account on the sandbox system please see developer documentation.

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