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About Ergonet Web Hosting

Ergonet Web Hosting are a company of about twenty people who believe that a hosting service must be constantly evolving , based on an ethical and modular commercial offer. They create and patent services for and customers that we define extraordinary, based on the concept of personalization , speed of intervention , security and ease of evolution of a website.

For there are no old and new customers . For this reason they have always guaranteed, and will continue to do so, that the hosting platform and the related services will never undergo implementation or commercial differences .

For example, has it ever happened to you that a hosting provider asked you to do a service upgrade in order to use the latest version of php? With Ergonet Web Hosting it will never happen to you. When we introduce a new technology it is immediately available to all our customers , without distinction.

The team is very special . You could get to know us better and get to call us by name , consider as simple collaborators or even colleagues, even friends . You might even consider us nice, but we leave that to you

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameErgonet Web Hosting
Price Start From$30.74 – $61.48
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressUttar Pradesh, India
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Transparency starts with prices

On site you will not find prices with the nine : € 29.99 or € 29. Ok, they are aware that if wordpress hosting service with Balance profile cost 29 euros instead of 30, the impression for potential customers would be very different. It is an old technique that everyone continues to use.

But Ergonet Web Hosting don’t care about that. They want our customers to be fully aware of the value of what they are buying and how much it really costs . That’s why all the prices of Valore hosting services, dedicated clouds and all the additional options available to customers, have a round figure.

You can’t go wrong with

One of goals is to guarantee you an ethical commercial offer, but how can a commercial offer be ethical? Ethics for means above all moral duty and fairness towards customers.

This is why all hosting service options that add enhancements to the base service can be tested for free  before purchasing.

Ergonet Web Hosting Only if the new performance profile or the new additional option meets your needs will you confirm the upgrade, with the certainty of always paying a personalized price based on the expiration of your hosting service.

Patents and registered trademarks

Since Ergonet was founded in 2006, we have made a crucial choice for our company. Develop control panel and don’t use ready-made solutions like Plesk® or Cpanel®.

Although this choice required a very important initial commitment in terms of money and time, it allowed to create truly extraordinary technologies to support the hosting service and tailored to the real needs of our customers.

To date, they have registered four trademarks and obtained two patents for proprietary technologies.

Against affiliations in the hosting market

All Italian hosting providers offer different forms of affiliation to sponsor their products . A blogger writes an article that speaks well of a hosting service and the provider gives him a percentage for every customer who comes from his blog and purchases his service.

Ergonet Web Hosting think that a review of a hosting service to be truthful must be certified, without the promise of an economic consideration . They think that buying and using a hosting service is a real experience to live personally and to tell honestly.  They are sure that technologies are essential but they believe that there must also be values ​​in which to recognize ourselves.

They have therefore chosen not to create an affiliate program , in order not to feed this market in the hosting sector. All the opinions you will find about on the internet are the result of the spontaneity of our customers and in no case have they been remunerated.

The only Italian hosting with extraordinary services
dedicated to webmasters

Your website is unique, it has no equal. It is a limited edition of an idea. We have developed and patented hosting services under the Valore® brand, to make your website successful.

Valore to your website

Ergonet Web Hosting commercial offer of Valore® hosting is completely modular. You buy what you need, only when you need it. No restrictions or surprises on renewal, maximum transparency.

Extraordinary services

The well-being of and webmasters is fundamental. The extraordinary services will facilitate the management and evolution of your website. Let yourself be amazed.

Ethics and evolution

Ergonet Web Hosting a website administrator or administrator, you have the right to use the best technology available in the hosting industry. We experience constant and ethical improvement .

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