Flatsite Web Hosting Review: WordPress Static Site Generator

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About Flatsite Web Hosting

Flatsite Web Hosting solves the problem of managing WordPress sites and overpaying for Hosting. It lets you manage tens even hundreds of websites with a multipurpose dashboard powered by the finest headless WordPress technology.

Some Quick Facts About Flatsite Web Hosting

Simba Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameFlatsite Web Hosting
Price Start From$40.98 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime
Email Support[email protected]
Address14 Rue Robert Stumper, Luxembourg
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Easily manage all your websites on a single dashboard

Use a simple yet comprehensive dashboard to access all your WordPress sites’ backend, edit, and deploy changes fast. It is “the ultimate solution” which makes your life easier and helps you to earn more from managing websites.

Switch to the cheapest web hosting now!

They want you to have the ultimate FLATsite experience: Cheap hosting, fast websites and highly secured WordPress sites. So, we’ve identified several hosts who match the criteria for Partners. Select from any Partner below and get fast affordable hosting and a free SSL certificate.

Features Overview

High-Speed Websites

Looking for an innovative way to improve the user experience and security on websites you manage? Let users experience your website the way it’s meant to be – blazing-fast and highly secured. No one wants a slow website and data-heavy website slow you down and static WordPress sites solves this issue.

You will never need to depend on traditional WordPress databases ever again. Static sites use a serverless framework – in this process a WordPress static site is separated from the WordPress Dashboard. This makes static sites ultra-fast and perfect for SEO.

Multiple Websites, One Dashboard

Install WordPress directly to your Flatsite Web Hosting server and start developing websites from a single dashboard. There’s nothing to upload or download to your computer – software is on remote servers that you access via a secure online portal. From a single management dashboard, you’ll be able to navigate to the staging environment, the backend, the live site and access links to deploy or export websites.

Do More. Go Maintenance-free

Website admins have to consider the cost of hosting and maintaining all the websites they manage. FLATsite automates updates for WordPress and Plugins, so you’ll save time on maintenance all year long. Plus, with static website pages, hackers have zero-chances of compromising your sites’ security. With no PHP and no MySQL database on your site, no one can break in. We employ the most secure and efficient serverless technology so you can manage your sites with ease.

Staging Environment Makes Sure Things

Flatsite Web Hosting you’re familiar with developing on a production server then you know of the problems that can happen when you publish to your hosting. Sometimes things break, pages look different, things don’t work as they should and the performance is way off.

This is where a Staging environment comes in. Staging means you develop in an environment that is an exact replica of your production environment. That is, it has the same hardware, settings and software. Staging is ideal for testing, identifying and solving issues before you generate a static version and publish it online.

Here are the main benefits of a staging environment:

  1. You can evaluate code and test in staging before going to production. If code breaks on the production server, this could make unexpected changes to your entire website.
  2. Lets you work in your hosting environment away from the live website.
  3. There’s no need to fix issues on live/production environment. Fix and make changes safely in staging.
  4. You can test performance of page elements and load speeds effectively.

Fast & Easy WordPress Deployment Platform

Flatsite Web Hosting Install 50 or even 500 WordPress websites and manage them in one place. Work in a staged environment and use the WordPress Static Generator to create Flat HTML and export to Git for WordPress.

It’s easy to work with both developers and non-technical teams since FLATsite is easy enough to navigate with straightforward user interface. Plus, your non-technical team can start editing WordPress themes right away!

In fact, no coding is required to access WordPress themes and add content or upload graphics. Build hundreds of websites and focus on getting things right from the get-go.

Why choose FLATsite to convert your WordPress sites to static sites?

Flatsite Web Hosting has WordPress built-in and its own static generator. It’s your all-in-one platform to securely convert WordPress to static in literally minutes. Plus, platform provides remote backup, automatic updates and comes with a secure login portal to update sites and deploy changes fast.


Get the speed and reliability of static sites like fewer HTTP requests, faster content retrieval and improve your SEO load speed.


Use remote servers, IP blocking and our static site generator for optimal security. Don’t waste time with pesky security plugins.


With static sites you only need a bit of disk-space from your Host- no database required. The remote servers help you save hundreds on hosting.


Flatsite Web Hosting Automatically update plugins and WordPress themes to eliminate security vulnerabilities. Never miss core updates ever again.

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