Hispasys Web Hosting Review: 100% Fast And Safe

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About Hispasys Web Hosting

Hispasys Web Hosting is a World Leading Provider of Hosting in Spain and Domain Registration. They offer the best quality-price ratio in products and services with 24-hour professional support.

Hispasys is Spain-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Madrid, Barcelona. 100% of user reviews who used Hispasys are positive.

Compare Hispasys Web Hosting web hosting pricing and all its other features from all it’s different plans, for more info. about plans please check below list of affordable prices list.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameHispasys Web Hosting
Price Start From$3.00 – $15.03
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressGomez Salazar Street, Malaga, Spain
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit



High-performance SSD hosting with cPanel and LiteSpeed ​​technology for maximum speed on your website.

99.9% UPTIME

They guarantee 99.9% uptime in services.


Do you have any problem? They are at your disposal 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.

Working process

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Features of VPS Hosting from Hispasys 

Hispasys Web Hosting VPS servers can be used for Simple web applications, Websites, including custom code, WordPress, and eCommerce, Single-server business software, Dev/Test environments

Get started in minutes

The VPS servers makes it easy to get started with an easy-to-use management console and API.

Low, Affordable pricing

They provide all-in-one product bundles with all the resources you need in to a single, simple price.

Managed environments

Automatically configures networking, access, and security environments at the time of launching your server.

Preconfigured resources

Hispasys Web Hosting offer a number of preconfigured options to get you up and running quickly, including Linux and Windows OS, and Application stacks.

Easily scale your idea

The VPS servers can easily handle your increased traffic & heavier workloads. Plus, you can easily expand your server resources.

Manage Servers Easily

You can manage your servers from best in-class client area section including start or stop, creating & restoring snapshots/backups etc.

Enhanced security

VPS Server Hosting lets you install firewalls and custom security software through root access, allowing you to enhance your website’s security.

Instant Setup

Hispasys Web Hosting Get up and running operational VPS Servers within minutes of buying them. Powered by OpenStack, provisioning process is automated and flawless. Expect instant provisioning with server hosting plans.

Higher reliability

The VPS Servers ensure complete server isolation, offering uninterrupted services with maximum uptime and reliability. VPS Hosting offers quality and accessible support services to assist you at every step of your hosting journey.

Greater storage and bandwidth

With VPS servers powered by AWS Lightsail you can get higher levels of bandwidth and advanced 300% Faster SSD storage for increased VPS Server’s efficiency and boosted performance.

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