Hitsoluciones Web Hosting Review: Low Cost Hosting

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About Hitsoluciones Web Hosting

They offer services adapted to the needs of the clients, they search for and apply the best configurations to achieve success stories in the clients’ web projects. The platform does not collapse, we offer the best performance.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameHitsoluciones Web Hosting
Price Start From$5.00 – $35.07
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressRoundabout of Quevedo, Madrid, Spain
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Low Cost Hosting From €5 /month

The service plans are the most complete, they include everything you need to start a project on the internet.

Enterprise Hosting From €50/month

Managed hosting plan with custom scaling. All of this hosted on a disaster-proof infrastructure.

Hosting Premium

Completely Customized Completely customized hosting solutions so that your website is secure and performs at its best.

They want to make my website

The Low cost Hosting plans include everything you need to create a website that brings you customers: you can manage your web domains, have hosting from 5 GB of storage to unlimited, corporate email accounts, SSL certificate, application installer and much more.

I want a web development quote

At HIT they want to make it easy for you to start your web project. As easy as making the website you need to save time and effort.

They want help with my website

HIT helps you with your website , either with its face-to-face training classes or with numerous tutorials and manuals that they make available to the client. Don’t have time or don’t want to spend it on your website? sign up for a web maintenance plan and we’ll take care of everything.

Why hire HIT hosting?

Application auto-installer

Install your website in just one click: wordpress, drupal, prestashop and many more.

100% Scalable

Add resources whenever you need it, change your plan to continue growing.

secure data

They make full daily backups of your entire hosting plan.

Return guarantee

Try hosting for 30 days and if you are not convinced we will refund your money.

Low Cost Hosting

The Low Cost hosting plans are the most complete, they include everything you need to start a project on the internet. 1-click application installer, corporate email, FTP access, DNS zone manager. All plans are self-managed and have cPanel active, so that performing any task on your website will be very easy. The servers have CloudLinux installed to isolate users from each other, because security matters to.

What are the advantages of hiring Web Hosting?

In shared hosting, you only have to worry about working on your website and growing your project. The HIT Soluciones technicians take care of all the server maintenance tasks, guaranteeing the security of the machine, updating all the software it contains and the permanent connection to the Internet.

Web hosting also has the advantage that we make security copies or backups, that is, backups of the content that you host and that we keep “just in case”. If there is something wrong with your website and you have forgotten to make your own backups (or the ones you have fail for some reason), we can restore your site to a recent previous version.

Despite sharing a server, all clients are separated at the operating system level, thanks to CloudLinux, they cage each client guaranteeing the security and stability of resources for each one.

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a commercial resource management system that we have installed on each and every one of our servers. Its mission is to isolate each user account from the others, virtualizing it to assign its own resources: CPU usage, RAM memory, PHP processes…

In this way, it is as if each web hosting account were on a completely independent server from the rest, instead of on shared hosting. In this way, we guarantee greater stability, efficiency and security to all HIT Soluciones customers. If a client abuses its resources (due to an external attack or a problem with the code of its website, for example), this improper use will not affect the rest of the users of the server.

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