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About Web Hosting provides dedicated and cloud infrastructure hosting services based in ultra-modern data centers to corporate as well as private clients. The infrastructure is geared towards dedicated and hybrid solutions. HOSTKEY is present in Amsterdam, Moscow and New York. The partners include such companies as Microsoft, cPanel, RETN, Huawei, AMS-IX, Serverius, Webair, DataPro and many others. The experience and professionalism of the employees ensure high quality and prompt rendering of services requested, from installation to administering and full support of a client`s IT system.

Some Quick Facts Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Price Start From$0.97/Month
Speed520 ms
Money Back3 Days
FeaturesHelp, Promo materials, Security, Solutions
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


How to start?

  • Get a FREE account in just a few clicks. Becoming a HOSTKEY Affiliate takes only a few simple steps
  • Just click on the button below fill out the form with your details. The team will then create a free account for you
  • Choose the right offers for you and generate your links
  • Create as many affiliate links as you like, and point them anywhere on the site. Then, make changes based on what converts best for you and your business
  • Once you have everything set up, you will be able to see your traffic and payout reports through the simple-to-use affiliate portal. Get paid for every sale associated with your converted click, either with a flat upfront payout or repeating commissions for the life of the account
  • Get Sub-Affiliates and get a commission from all of their sales!

How does it work? As an affiliate, you will get a unique web link. Any leads, or sales, that come through that link are tracked and linked to your account, and as soon as they make a purchase, you get your commission.

Why join affiliate program?

They fully understand that your success is the success. That’s why they really care about the relationship with each affiliate partner, and they always try to offer the right tools and strategies to maximize your earning potential and expand the cooperation

Unlimited Earning

The Affiliate Program offers you truly unlimited opportunities to earn money with clear and fair rules in all national markets. You can earn over €90 per sale, plus a Sign-Up bonus of €20

Affilate Help Team

The support team can be easily reached via email and provides fast response to affiliate inquiries. The support ranges from day-to-day issues up to strategic advice for higher sales.

Promo materials will provide you with some pretty eye-catching ready-to-use creative banners. Plus, the Marketing team is ready to help you in creating content on your website or in your emails to increase sales.


GPU servers for data science

High-performance GPU servers based on NVIDIA cards with pre-installed AI frameworks. 10 times cheaper than Google Cloud and AWS

e-Commerce hosting

The combination of total cybersecurity, access to high-bandwidth connections, a near 100% uptime guarantee facilitated by housing the servers in high-end TIERIII data centers

Finance and FinTech is a trusted partner in delivering your product whether it be investment management, banking services, insurance, migration, managed servers, online payments, or any FinTech

Managed colocation

The colocation services free the client to focus on their core business needs

The products and services

High-performance pre-configured GPU servers Servers equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1080 / 1080Ti, RTX 3080 / 3090 graphics cards drastically accelerate 3D graphics, machine learning and other compute-intensive applications. Solutions based on Tesla/Quadro GPUs are ideal for optimizing your company’s infrastructure

Custom reliable dedicated servers

Configure the ideal server for your needs with the online server wizard. Get free DDoS protection in the Netherlands and the USA. Some servers come with a FREE high-speed 1Gbps unmetered port

Instant dedicated servers Virtual and pre-configured dedicated servers with fast delivery. Server Control Panel & API

Smart remote hands

Delegate IT management and maintenance tasks in ANY data center in the Netherlands. On-site support from our experienced engineers and admins

The Advantages

No faceless Standards

Every client gets a maximally customized treatment. They are ready to meet your most advanced needs in server configuration.

A single entry point for three markets goal is to help the client out with all their infrastructure from the wire up to software solutions in the Netherlands, the USA and Russia.

First hand servers

Every server they sell has been assembled and checked personally.

Promises They keep

Qualified personnel, professional services for both the experienced and the newbies.

No needles thrift Resellers and affiliates enjoy superior conditions. They call back with regular sales and special offers.

Who can become an affilate?

Anyone with an audience looking for rent dedicated servers

Affiliate marketers Affiliate Marketers can sell the products and earn points. Talk to us to find out more


Tech bloggers have a great chance to be an Affiliate and generate leads through their blog posts

Developers Developers with deep domain knowledge can easily recognize the features and benefits, and they can vouch for them and bring in leads

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