Layerstack Web Hosting Review: High Performance Cloud Server

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About Layerstack Web Hosting

Layerstack Web Hosting is made up of cloud developers and engineers. Backed by 18 years of solid experience, they continue to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure. They are committed to maintain a simple, scalable and stable cloud environment with the aim of providing multiple solutions for the cloud deployment.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameLayerstack Web Hosting
Price Start From$10.04 – $923.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Address1 Raffles Place, #44-01A, One Raffles Place Tower 1
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Global Private Network

Dedicated VLAN that brings true private Layer 2 networks in an isolated environment – a fully protected and meshed network connecting Asia Pacific, America and Europe.


nced security, reliability and lower latency

 Avoid the public Internet

Strive For The Believed Values

They love Cloud Computing

They would rather say cloud computing is an ever-changing art form more than a technology. They think big, listen well, and craft it gently.

They strive for innovative and continuous improvements

They development team will keep working on the R&D to meet the market needs, and we’d love to surprise our customers with new insights and products.

They encourage self-service

They aim at delivering quicker and more efficient service for greater customer satisfaction throughout every single touch point of cloud journey.

They respect every customer

They value customers opinions. They encourage everyone to get involved and make LayerStack better.

We as a trust-worthy provider

They keep promises and have confidence in our services. We share our thoughts so that they all understand each other for achieving the same goal.

Powerful LayerPanel

A centralized panel that grants you maximum control over your cloud management and add-on services.

Powerful API

Bring automation to the forefront of your business. Any action that you can perform on LayerPanel can be automated into your systems.

Powerful API

Bring automation to the forefront of your business. Any action that you can perform on LayerPanel can be automated into your systems.

Manage Made Easy

Ordering servers, managing backups and adjusting access control are only a few clicks awa.

China Direct CN2 Route

Direct connectivity to the backbone network of mainland China with highest resilience and ultra-low latency.

 Low Latency to Major Cities in China (<50ms)

 Direct Peering with CT/CN2, CU, CMI

Load Balancer

Maximize the capabilities of your applications by distributing traffic among multiple cloud servers regionally and globally.


Protect your server against hackers, unauthenticated access and other malicious attempts from the outside world.

Cloud Servers Referral Program

1. Submit

Submit application form

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Get your unique referral link & 10% off promo code

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Share your referral link & promo code with friends and colleagues

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Cross-region Load Balancer for Utmost Application Availability

Load balancer distributes workloads to a pool of servers across multiple regions worldwide for improved resource efficiency. If any anomalies occur in one region, the traffic is routed to the next healthy server autonomously to keep your applications uninterrupted and running at peak performance.

Improve Availability and Performance

The load balancers route incoming requests to healthy servers to maximize reliability and keep your applications running at peak performance at all times.

Built-In Health Monitoring

The load balancers monitor how well your servers are handling traffic constantly and route traffic only to healthy cloud servers.

Powerful API Support

Take advantage of the powerful LayerStack API to configure, maintain and monitor your load balancers on the fly.

Simple Set-up

Provisions in seconds and manage metrics with zero fuzz through LayerPanel or API.

Affordable Pricing US.00/mth

LayerStack’s Load Balancers can be sized to suit your needs, with each node costing only US$9.00 per month. Equipped with integrated Encrypt SSL, provisioning, renewal, and support for HTTP/2, Load Balancers are incredibly easy to use and give you an exceptional performance boost.

Secure with TCP/ SSL Load Balancing

LayerStack’s Load Balancers support TCP and customized SSL certificates. Protecting the traffic between the load balancers and your cloud servers has never been easier.

Deploy and manage with one click

Deploy the Load Balancers instantly and manage the balancing power anytime – all on the powerful LayerPanel.

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