Limestone Networks Web Hosting Review: Simple. Solid. Superior

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About Limestone Networks Web Hosting

You will never find people as devoted to your success as the employees at Limestone Networks, Inc. At Limestone Networks Web Hosting , the goal is less about making money and more about helping you be successful. The Account Managers act as your “friend on the inside” while the Technical Support and Network Engineers act fast to resolve any issues that arise.

Some Quick Facts About Limestone Networks Web Hosting

Hostox Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameLimestone Networks Web Hosting
Price Start From$7.30 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime
Address5904 S. Cooper St. Suite 104 – PMB 176 Arlington, TX 76017 Toll Free: (877) 586-0555 Local: (214) 586-0555 Fax: (214) 242-3600
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Simple. Solid. Superior

With you will have a simple hosting experience on a solid network with superior customer service.

Scalable, on-demand infrastructure at your fingertips.

Limestone Networks’ rapid deployment process saves your team time and money by allowing you to create and manage physical servers alongside virtual instances.

Pick the cloud solution for you

Choosing the correct cloud product can be just as difficult as finding the right cloud provider. Limestone Networks cloud engineers are standing by ready to chat with you to assist putting you in the correct product whether it be Bare Metal Cloud, Cloud Instances, Private Cloud, Colocation, or a mix of all.

Bare Metal Cloud

Performance without compromise. Our completely automated, scalable platform is the ideal foundation for your infrastructure. Bare Metal Cloud combines dedicated servers with the flexibility and automation of cloud. Cloud features such as pay-as-you-go hourly billing, API-driven management, and instant provisioning are coupled with secure, high performance, single tenant dedicated servers in facilities around the world. Using Bare Metal Cloud, clients can provision dedicated servers globally within minutes, with full access to the server’s operating system and resources. They stock a wide variety of hardware, including high performance compute and bulk storage servers, so you can provision anything you need at a moment’s notice!

Cloud Instances

Cloud Instances are virtual machines, provisioned on shared or dedicated compute blades in OpenStack cloud and integrated with a large elastic storage cluster. This shared space environment is ideal for workloads that do not require the resources of a dedicated bare-metal server. The elasticity of Cloud Instances allows you to pay for only what you need and scale your compute and storage resources over time.

This multi-tenant solution is built with powerful open source cloud technology allowing for live migration in the event of hardware failure, virtually eliminating downtime. The instances feature advanced features such as OpenStack APIs, redundant storage, flexible billing, network ACLs, and instant provisioning.

Why choose Limestone Networks?

Cloud Native, On-Demand Service

Everything we do is built for the cloud, offering instant, on-demand deployment of a wide variety of infrastructure services.

With hourly billing capped at 635 hours per month per-server, our clients enjoy the benefits of hourly billing coupled with the stability of long-term deployment discounting.

All of our services are backed by industry leading support and account services teams who are always ready to help.

Feature Rich Tools

The intuitive control panel allows simple management of your cloud, bare metal, and colocated infrastructure integrated with support and billing features.

Using the OnePortal API you can create, delete, and manage bare metal servers, manage your IP addressing and DNS, and more. Our virtualized cloud instances feature OpenStack APIs supported by hundreds of applications.

High Performance Network

The network provides unbeatable speeds due to our emphasis on carrier diversity and high bandwidth internal links.

Users can opt-in to our enterprise DDoS protection service in any of our locations, offering 1TBps+ of DDoS scrubbing spread across X POPs around the world.

Advanced Services

All of the services include private network access, allowing our users to connect servers among any of our datacenter regions for seamless, secure multi-region deployments. VPN access to our private network is also available, enabling external interconnections into our high speed private network backbone.

A wide variety of add-on features are also available. Talk to our account management team for help building the ideal solution for you. Anything you need, whether it is web control panels, database licensing, or backup services are available from .

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