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About Lws Web Hosting

Lws Web Hosting is one of the best web hosts in France , with over 500,000 open domains and 280,000 web hosting and 20 years of experience . We offer the best of technology, our front-end servers which calculate the sites have a life cycle of 2 years to always bring you what is best. The mission is to always provide you with the best web hosting, therefore reliable, secure, fast and with included technical support provided by people trained in web tools. Web host by passion.

LWS is a company created in 1999 and specialized in the hosting of Internet sites as well as in the registration of domain names. LWS designs and operates a range of solutions aimed at individuals, professionals, associations, clubs and public institutions. The know-how has led to position business at the crossroads of information technologies. The technicality and services allow to offer customers packaged offers and products with high added value, based on a clever mix: Hardware-Software-Transit IP.

Some Quick Facts About Lws Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Hosting NameLws Web Hosting
Price Start From$5.89 / MO
Speed520 ms
Money Back30 DAYS
FeaturesFast & simple setup, Flexible billing, Secure storage
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Quality Guarantees

Company 100% in FRANCE

LWS is a company incorporated under French law, a subsidiary of LWS Group. Company with a capital of 1,000,000 Euros.

Servers 100% in FRANCE

100% of the servers are hosted in FRANCE. Hosted in several DataCenters with N + 1 redundancy.

Technicians 100% in FRANCE

All the IT technicians who work on the servers are in our offices in France.

Confidence and experience 20 years

Company with more than 20 years of experience. Numerous accreditations and certifications.

The services included with each dedicated server:

Web server control panel

Lws Web Hosting offer several control panels to manage your dedicated server easily from a web browser without any additional charge and unlimited use in many areas .

Servers in France, technicians in France

Many hosts have their servers and employees in Germany, Usa … By choosing LWS you have the assurance of having staff work only in France , and that your data will be on our servers in FRANCE .

Reboot your server 24×7

Your server is down! No longer answer! You made an admin error … No problem you can reboot your server at any time from your client area.

24x7x365 technical supervision

Lws Web Hosting have the technical teams on site, 24x7x365 support is available for your servers. If you have an emergency, they can respond to your request in less than an hour.

Monitoring your server

LWS servers include a complete monitoring tool for your server. – Network card bandwidth graph – Server load graph (load average) – Memory usage graph – Hard disk usage graph – Hard disk space graph.

Full server backup

They take full backups of your server. These backups are stored on a completely independent nas server. You can request a restore of your server at any time.

Security: Firewall

Your server will be protected by a physical firewall, before the traffic arrives on your server they filter numerous attacks to protect you from possible attacks. Don’t jeopardize your business while waiting to be done!

Secondary DNS server

Lws Web Hosting provide you with a secondary DNS server for all domains installed on your dedicated server. From your client area you can add domains at any time that the secondary server will manage.

Confidence and experience 20 years

100% Made in France service

Many hosting providers have their servers and employees in Germany, Usa… By choosing LWS you have the assurance of employing staff only based in France , your data will also be stored on our servers, in FRANCE .

Responsive customer support

LWS customers benefit from efficient customer support and have a team made up exclusively of hosting professionals, who are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Constant innovation

In order to always offer the best to the customers, a team of several engineers update our servers and add features and options to all our products.

  • Continuous training on the latest systems
  • Equipment renewed every 2 years
  • Cutting-edge technologies tested and implemented

A multi-operator network

The network is connected to the internet via the operators NERIM, ADISTA and SFR Business. Response times are therefore as low as possible, maximizing the performance of your websites. With BGP4 technology, if connectivity to an operator drops, links to other operators automatically take over, thus avoiding any cutoff. Thus the total routing capacity of operators reaches 150Gbps.

Safety and performance

Lws Web Hosting only uses high performance servers with hard drives and increasingly SSDs in RAID 10 redundant. For even more security, several regular backups are performed. Also included is an ip filter firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), malware scan tool, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) network protection. Included as standard on every LWS web hosting service.

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