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About M3server Web Hosting

With M3server Web Hosting Great Desire to be Excellent and vision of providing customers with a simple, but excellent, reliable and cost effective hosting service, they grew, and grew, and grew. They now have service in several data centers including California, Utah, Missouri, Virginia, Washington DC, Amsterdam, and London.

M3server Web Hosting great deal of success in a highly competitive space, is due to loyal customers, many of whom have stayed with us since day one! Their loyalty has not been forgotten over the years in maintaining energies. So, whether you are a small account just getting started, or a large 50 server business, approach to you will be the same:

M3server Web Hosting Great Desire to be Excellent attitude will not change! They value all customers equally and really do go the extra mile you often hear about, to help you on the journey of making your online business very successful!

They specialize in managed, dedicated servers and virtual dedicated servers. Each server is carefully monitored 24/7 from multiple locations and corporate up-time rate is consistently higher than 99.99%, making us an industry leader!

Some Quick Facts About M3server Web Hosting

HostPlay Basic Details
Hosting NameM3server Web Hosting
Price Start From$4.99 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Email Support(509) 844-1667
Address12402 N Division ST #368
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


M3server Web Hosting mission since day 1 has been simple: Great desire to be excellent – is to provide you the best managed hosting experience possible at a price that is affordable for all. Quality hardware, quality networks and experienced staff. Less hype, more action. They want you to expect more at M3. They will ensure your server is up 24/7 via advanced monitoring of all critical services, not just simple ping tests.

Through proactive server management, they often detect when a server is about to fail due to low resources and alert you accordingly. They stay abreast of server operating system updates and are constantly improving configurations for optimal performance. The end result, your happy with your service and can rest assured your server is in great hands. They manage the server so you can focus on your site. So go ahead, take that vacation. We’ve got your server covered.


They manage the server, so you can focus on your website.

Choosing a web host for your business or personal website can be a confusing and frustrating task. A quick Google search for a web hosting company brings up over 215,000,000 results. 215 MILLION. With so many web hosting companies to choose from, why should you choose us?

  •  Dedicated customer support team.
  •  Blazing fast servers!
  •  Experienced developers staying ahead of times.
  •  24.7 Server monitoring systems.

M3XS Standard Features

Managed VPS & Dedicated Hosting Deployed Services

M3server Web Hosting deploy servers with most commonly requested server software installed and ready for use. This provides you with a server that will run your popular scripts right from the start. Less support tickets, less wait. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHP and MySQL applications deployed effortlessly.

While servers are setup to support most apps, its often wise to review your 3rd party script’s server requirements URL for any specific information. If you have any troubles installing a 3rd party script, just create a ticket with support to include the requirements URL for us to review free of charge.

List of open source software installed and ready for use.

M3 Control Panel v7.x

Built in house by M3 and requires no license fees. Included with all service plans. Allows non-server administrators to easily configure the server with new domain names, email accounts and MySQL databases.


A complete and fully operational ready Linux Apache MySQL PHP server configured with most requested modules.

E-Mail Server

Secured by SSL, WebMail, POP3/IMAP and SMTP Auth. Provides your users with multiple options of collaberation with e-mail.

They recommend IMAP to keep mailboxes synced when using multiple devices; desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


Popular anti-piracy encoded 3rd party apps supported by default.

OS Firewall

Tuned and activated to harden your server while providing needed access to most common ports.

Developer tools Perl, cgi, bash, python and more.

Affiliate Program

Earn thousands with monthly recurring lifetime commissions for every referral. Partner with M3 and we’ll share what they earn. This is by far the best hosting affiliate deal you’ll find in the industry.


You will never drop below 10% on all sales you bring M3Server, even if you stop working and just collect the sales you earned. But the big money is there to be made if you put forth effort and keep selling. Not only does this build a nice month recurring nest egg, but gives you a higher % payout and can even put you into sales bonus territory with enough sales.

Extensive Tracking

Every order is tracked back to where it orginated from so that affilaites get credit when it is due.

Custom landers and Promocodes

They build custom landers for our affilaites with special promocodes you can offer customers.

Fast Payouts

With just one-click of a button and we will send your commission via paypal.


You will be started off at a 10% monthly recurring payout on all server plans you bring to M3. These include all VPS, Smart Server and Dedicated server sales. You make 10% a month for as long as that client remains a paying client for M3. All commissions are approved once the client makes their payment to us for the month. You sign up a quarterly, semi-annually or annual client, then your payouts for this client will follow the same schedule the client has.

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