Mail Web Hosting Review: Scalable and secure IT services

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About Mail Web Hosting

Mail Web Hosting VK Cloud Solutions platform is a business digitalization ecosystem based on modern infrastructure and platform cloud tools. Create and upgrade IT systems for any purpose using technologies for building highly loaded reliable systems. The solutions are developed by VK experts based on 20 years of experience in creating services designed for millions of users.

Mail Web Hosting IT platform reduces your costs for the acquisition and operation of your services infrastructure and allows you to build a digitalization culture without capital investments. The platform is included in the register of domestic software and fully complies with the requirements of 152-FZ .

Some Quick Facts About Mail Web Hosting

Hostox Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameMail Web Hosting
Price Start From$13.21 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime Days
Email Support[email protected]
AddressЛенинградский пр-т., 39 строение 79, Москва, Россия, 125167
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

VK Cloud Solutions platform — rapid business digitalization

Ready-made solutions for a quick start and assistance in integrating systems of any complexity: launch your projects in the cloud in the shortest possible time.

Easily connect services through a convenient administration panel. Transparent payment calculation and flexible settings.

24/7 technical support and Managed Services, in which our experts will take over the implementation, maintenance and support of your infrastructure.

fault tolerance

Build a fault-tolerant cloud-native architecture that will allow your project to grow faster.


Work with a reliable partner who will provide an individual approach and full implementation.


Mail Web Hosting Get expert real-time technical support and coach teams on new approaches.


Save time and resources with a set of ready-made solutions tested on thousands of projects.

Virtual servers

Computing resources in the cloud for high availability of digital services of any complexity.

big data

Processing and analysis of big data with cloud infrastructure based on Apache Hadoop, Spark, ClickHouse.

Kubernetes clusters

Mail Web Hosting and Accelerate Application Delivery with CNCF Certified Kubernetes as a Service.

Object Storage

Unlimited storage and transfer of an array of data via the S3 API. Handling thousands of requests per second.

Databases in the cloud

Stability and high availability of managed DBMS. Quick launch of a ready-made service.

Graphics adapters

Cloud High-Performance Computing and Neural Network Training with NVIDIA® Tesla.

Machine learning

Mail Web Hosting Convenient analyst workplace with ML sandboxes. Computer Vision API.

Virtual networks

Server consolidation in local networks, Public and Private DNS, VPN, load balancing and traffic filtering.

Reliability of VK Cloud Solutions

Single redundant fault-tolerant architecture

Easy infrastructure scaling

Software-defined data storage based on Ceph

Certification of cloud servers in accordance with 152-FZ

Training your team and expert support

Disaster recovery

Three good reasons to transfer digital services to the VK Cloud Solutions platform


private, public, multiAdd a cloud database to your infrastructure for storing and processing business data and save on IT infrastructure administration.

Adaptation to your business processes

Mail Web Hosting Development of individual solutions, deployment of complex Legacy systems, adaptation of the platform to the project. Customization at all levels: from virtualization and integration settings to user interface and system access.

Simple and reliable operation

Assistance from VK experts at all stages, including re-architecting applications for Cloud-Native. Convenient communication with round-the-clock technical support in chats in Russian, the solution of all issues within the framework of a strict SLA.

Technical features of the platform

The VK Cloud Solutions platform takes into account the requirements of high reliability, security and resistance to peak loads, the absence of a single point of failure

We are trusted with their business

Mail Web Hosting have cloud technologies and services that help companies solve the most important tasks.

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