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About Mailwala Web Hosting

Mailwala Web Hosting is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry. You don’t have to go searching anywhere for finding a reliable web hosting partner because we have crafted web hosting solutions that can fill the void left by others in the market. The journey is driven by passionate leaders and backed by extremely talented professionals. They are committed to providing the best web hosting solution in India and overseas.

Some Quick Facts About Mediacp Web Hosting

Simba Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameHostfurious Web Hosting
Price Start From$0.00 – $1.30
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Email Support[email protected]
AddressChandansar Road, Bhatpada, Virar East, Virar, Palghar, Maharashtra 401305, India
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Web Cheapest Hosting

LiteSpeed Web Server

Mailwala Web Hosting Experience the power of LiteSpeed equipped for balancing load of your website & performance

LS Cache for WordPress

Boost your WordPress website with 1 click inbuilt LSCWP – LiteSpeed cache for WordPress.

Inbuilt QUIC – CDN

Delivery content over network – Optimize images, JS, CSS and a lot more with QUIC CDN.

Host Truly Unlimited

Host Unlimited

Mailwala Web Hosting Use 100% storage without any INODE RESTRICTIONS.

FREE SSL Certificate

Get Lifetime FREE SSL Certificate for all your hosted websites.

Malware Protection

FREE malware scanning & removal tool

1 Click Installer – Softaculous

Free Install over 100+ CMS applications / scripts.

7 reason Why Choose

Performance benefits

Mailwala Web Hosting reduce latency, minimise packet loss and delivers assets via HTTP/2. Take advantage of HTTP/2 and deploy an SSL certificate for free with Lets Encrypt integration.

SEO advantages

Page speed is very important as Google uses it as a ranking factor. Fast websites almost always have longer time on page durations and lower bounce rates,


CDNs let you scale up and down automatically for large traffic spikes. Typical CDNs will handle delivering around 74% of your assets, reducing the load on your origin server considerably.


Mailwala Web Hosting Secure Token, mitigating DDoS attacks, and SSL certs, keep your assets secure. QUIC CDN securely delivers data, videos, applications to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, all within a developer-friendly environment.


CDNs provide redundancy by routing traffic to the nearest POP if one goes down. Nothing is worse than your website going down or being offline due to technical difficulties.

More traffic to your website

Mailwala Web Hosting has been proven time and again Don’t let a slow website hold back your visitors and sales.


QUIC CDNs are affordable. QUIC CDN lets customers deliver assets. A typical small website or blog can implement CDN for only a free bucks .

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Cloudway Fastest Wordpress Hosting

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