Mcloud Web Hosting Review: The Best SSD Cloud Hosting Service

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About Mcloud Web Hosting

Mcloud Web Hosting was established in 2013 as a sub-brand of Mainstream, the largest managed hosting provider in Serbia. Due to the great development of mCloud’s business, in 2018 it was separated into a separate legal entity, mCloud doo. The company is fully committed to providing advanced hosting services.

For demanding users who do not need fully managed hosting services, but who expect the highest quality, they have developed the mCloud platform with which they will be able to forget about the problems of insufficient resources, unreliable infrastructure and capacity, small letters in contracts, tedious administrative procedures and Similarly. Of course, for users who would like monthly maintenance of the Mcloud Web Hosting server and 24 × 7 support, they have provided additional Premium support services .

When it comes to Cloud hosting services, hardware must not be the cause of unavailability and they can guarantee that. The cloud hosting services are a significantly more advanced option than traditional solutions, primarily in terms of redundancy, flexibility and scalability, as well as SLA guarantees.

For a complete atmosphere, users are enabled in one place to manage their servers, lease domestic and international domains, manage DNS records and buy SSL certificates, while below all is the same hardware platform as for the largest sites.

The Mcloud Web Hosting family has recently become Plus Hosting , which is recognized for its shared hosting and extremely dedicated support that has become a recognizable part of this brand. Response is thus very short, and solving user problems does not mean simply maintaining the hosting platform, but real business assistance, even site optimization.

Some Quick Facts About Mcloud Web Hosting

Hostox Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameMcloud Web Hosting
Price Start From$11.50 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 7 Days
AddressKralja Milutina 55, 11000 Belgrade
Email Support podrska @
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Four Reasons to choose mCloud

Servers in Serbia

The equipment is located in three data centers in Belgrade, which are interconnected by optical links and meet high Tier 3 requirements. Link capacities are 21Gbps with connection to the home point for exchanging Internet traffic SOX.

Knowledge and experience

They pay special attention to the selection of associates, because we believe that only with the best staff we can maintain a high level of services provided. That is why the members of the mCloud team are recognized and well-known IT professionals, with more than ten years of experience in various technologies.

The highest quality equipment

The advanced and reliable cloud hosting platform is based on Cisco network equipment, Fujitsu and HP servers, as well as NetApp and HP 3PAR storage solutions. All systems and all solutions are designed and implemented so that there is no “single point of failure”.

Best support

Local technical support, always ready to intervene and communicate with clients, receives numerous praises every day. The support engineers constantly monitor the entire system and the average response time to any disturbance is less than five minutes.


mCloud platform is an advanced and complete cloud hosting solution that is fully automated, so that the user can activate and use their virtual server, or any other service, in just 10 minutes, at any time, without the assistance of our staff.

The mCloud platform is developed on a highly accessible infrastructure , which is a significantly more advanced solution than traditional options, primarily in terms of redundancy, flexibility and scalability, as well as SLA guarantees, and also brings significant savings because the user can use exactly as many resources as needed. at the moment, by simply adjusting them to your needs.

It is a umanaged service and the user gets full access to the leased resources and can manage them independently , and if he needs help, our professional technical support is at his disposal.

By using the mCloud service  , the user can at any time order , activate or modify any leased service from our offer:

Cloud hosting 

premium shared hosting service for your website with guaranteed resources and cPanel. There is no limit to the number of sites, databases, email accounts and other culprits for technical problems. LiteSpeed ​​hosting servers in Serbia for better SEO.

Cloud server  –

fast SSD virtual servers with Windows or Linux operating system. You can also get the server with pre-installed Cloud Ready  services: various control panels, Docker, NextCloud, LAMP, LEMP  and more – just let us know what you need if it is not on the list. Guaranteed resources that you can modify as needed at any time.

CloudDataCenter  –

your virtual data center. Rental resources and create virtual servers on it, allocating as you want the number of CPUs, RAM, size and type of disks, backup space, network interface speed, the amount of Internet traffic and the number of IP addresses. Ideal solution for demanding business users or owners of large sites.

Cloud Ready –

Cloud Ready severs are actually pre-installed servers that come with the latest software versions that you can use right away. These include Docker , Kubernetes , LAMP and LEMP stacks, control panels ( ISP manager , aaPanel , Webmin , Virtualmin ), popular CMS tools ( WordPress and WordPress multisite ), LiteSpeed ​​web server, NextCloudcloud storage and file sharing applications and more. This type of service is unmanaged, but allows you to get started quickly with the desired software. Of course, although it is unmanaged, we will continue to help you wherever we can.

Domains  –

registration and renewal of national and international domains, with over 100 attractive extensions (.rs , .com, .net, .org, .info, .expert, .me, .solutions, .photography, .company, .trade,. guru, .cool and many others) with instant activation.

SSL certificates  –

protect your site or application with the most popular SSL certificates available to users in a few clicks. During the order, you can enter the CSR immediately, and depending on the choice of certificate, it can quickly arrive at your email address.

Licenses  –

If you need cPanel, ISP Manager or Microsoft licenses, you can lease and pay for them on a monthly basis, without the large initial investment you would need to purchase them yourself.

DNS  –

The users can use Anycast DNS for free (at 14 locations), with independent management of all DNS records, without the assistance of our staff and unnecessary administrative requirements and waiting for changes.

Monitoring –

For important services, it is critical that the client finds out in a timely manner and is able to intervene quickly if there is even the slightest hint that a problem may occur. For users who want to monitor mCloud servers or services, they have provided server and / or site monitoring services.

Server maintenance –

if you want someone to keep an eye on your system and notify you when the load is increased, resource usage is running low, a service or port is unavailable, and if you want proactive support, we have provided a monthly server maintenance service.

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