Oxtrys Web Hosting Review: Trusted by 3000+ Happy Customers Worldwide

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About Oxtrys Web Hosting

They at Oxtrys Web Hosting try to keep our customers and its employees happy. Since its acquisition of an IT company, its growth and revenues have increased and showing consistent growth. It acquired the company for its VPS services and excellent IT Infrastructure.

Oxtrys is a new venture formed in 2018, to acquire the IT Company and its clients. The directors and investor saw a great level of potential in the services and hence acquired the company in 2018. The growth of company is very promising; it has made 3000+ customers from different countries.

Some Quick Facts About Oxtrys Web Hosting

Oxtrys Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameOxtrys Web Hosting
Price Start From$21.00 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 7 Days
Email Support[email protected]
AddressKelvin International School Premises, Chakrata Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Powerful & Reliable Infrastructure

SSD Storage

Solid state drives or SSD storage are known for delivering superior performance with maximum data transfer rate and durability. This implies there will be no I/O bottlenecks while running your business.

Fast Processor

Oxtrys Web Hosting believe your Indian VPS hosting should match the processing speed of your business. The SSD VPS are powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, the best one out there. Comparatively, they are high performing workstations, especially for businesses with a large amount of crucial data.

Reliable Network

VPS server India provides you a private workspace on the network which means you have no impact from your neighbours in the same network. Simply put, you get a reliable network that provides low latency and fast transfer rate even at high traffic.

Scale-Up & Scale-Out

Flexibility is a must for survival and success. When your business swings between the high and low requirements for the cloud resources, our VPS hosting in india extends full support by scaling-up and out. Adding up load balancers and firewalls can assist sudden increase in traffic on the website.

Windows Server

Your good familiar friend, Windows has your VPS server back.Highly configured Windows Server 2016 and 2012R2 (64bit) are made readily available to host the series of applications. The easy interface & high performing platform allows you to setup your web server, database server, file servers, and more.

Linux Server

For those who adore the Linux platform for their business, Oxtrys Web Hosting have highly configured Ubuntu, Cent OS, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux in the offering. The stable and reliable Linux servers can be used for web servers, database servers, application servers, cloud computing servers, file servers, mail servers, DNS servers, and much more.

Why you should choose

Buy With Confidence

VPS services at Oxtrys are delivered with a purpose to get 100% customer satisfaction even before a purchase is made. Our world-class infrastructure gives us the confidence to offer a trial of our services and to compliment the trust you bestowed upon us.

Fast & 100% Secured

Oxtrys Web Hosting employ multiple layers of network security to prevent the availability of applications on the server. The VPS server India comes with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) security features to negate the effect of malicious server overload.

Expert Support Team

With free setup policy, they believe in transparent services to the clients. Oxtrys Web Hosting support team is just an email and a phone call away. For the urgent times, they provide live support under the assistance of expert professionals.

Simplicity and Independence

A free admin panel is provided with your VPS hosting plans to ensure independent access to your vps server space. The range of pre-installed Linux and Windows operating systems are simple enough to operate from a distance, to host applications, with little or no help at all.

Unlimited Traffic

Your customers need an optimal browsing experience while they are at your business website or cloud application. They configure your VPS server to handle unlimited traffic*, with a maximum bandwidth of 2Gbit/s. This means no more worrying about those scary downtimes.

Backup Options

Oxtrys Web Hosting have data centers at more than one location i.e. Germany, USA, India & Singapore. This opens multiple options to store and secure your data on external storage space. The VPS hosting India plans provides quick, easy, and regular backup options, adding an extra level of security to your crucial data.

VPS Trials – Process & More

Oxtrys Web Hosting provide VPS trial in India which helps you understand what your exact requirements are and what are the exact machine resources you will receive. When machine becomes operational for use it always have less memory as shown in the plan because lot of memory is consumed by operating system, applications.

As we want the customers to be fully satisfied we give high configurations machines with high memory storage so clients don’t have to switch machine within a month. The research shows that VPS server with less than 100 GB storage leads to unsatisfied customers and often have to upgrade or change the VPS hosting plans.

VPS – Virtual Private Server

It is a virtual server which is perceived as a dedicated server. Its installation takes place on a physical computer which runs vivid operating systems all at once. In other words, a VPS hosting can be defined as a host which is cloud-based and provides you with a virtual server.

Oxtrys Web Hosting emphasizes and addresses needs of the user as if it were a separate system dedicated to an individual. It provides similar privacy. Many virtual private servers can have their installation done on a single physical server while each of it functions separately.

Virtual private servers use the shared resources of the machine and hence can sometime differ in performance, as a single vps load effects other machines as well because resources are shared. RAM, Storage are separately distributed but the processing power, bandwidth and internet speed are shared among the virtual machines.

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