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About Qwords Web Hosting

Qwords Web Hosting was founded in July 2005 by Rendy Maulana while studying at the Bandung Institute of Technology, starting from an idea that he wanted to have a company that supported the activities of his college friends (at that time) on the Internet. In 2005 the Indonesian Internet was entering an era of development, marked by the large number of Internet users entering the realm of social media at that time.

Since November 2011, is under PT Qwords Company International. The naming of stems from a play on the word Keywords which means keywords. Why is that? Keywords are the most important thing to get to the information gate, between you and your clients, your clients can easily find you because of the right keywords.

Qwords Web Hosting For some communities, it can be interpreted as words from the Book (the letter Q represents the Koran), but basically, the meaning of the word Qwords can also be interpreted in various versions.

Web Hosting is the core business of They provide space rental services to put your website files & email access on the Internet, and also provide Domain Name or address registration services to access your website on the internet.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameCochin Web Hosting
Price Start From$0.97 – $9.29
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back N/A
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Qwords Commitment

24/7 service

Qwords Technical Support and Customer Service teams are ready to help you 24 hours, 7 days. You can contact via Live chat, Call Center, and Support Ticket.

Complete Manual Guide

Qwords is equipped with a knowledge base page that contains tutorials and tips about website management. Easily accessible and solution.

99.99% uptime

Network & Server Uptime above 99.99% with proper server configuration. Supported network management and multiple upstream tier 1 provider network and multiple peering.

Security guarantee

Security is main focus at Qwords. Standard & sustainable monitoring and prevention measures have become our main concern.

Clustered DNS

Qwords Cloud Hosting DNS Servers are connected to each other. This makes the DNS Server always accessible because they back up each other between servers.

High Enterprise Server

Qwords server standard is Dual Xeon Octa Core enterprise class server which is the best class hardware. This hardware is commonly used by leading companies.

Tier 1 Network

Tier 1 Network is a world network without a transit network, which makes the network faster and with shorter routing paths and the availability of backup networks.

Peer Network

The network in Qwords is connected directly to public peering such as OpenIXP and CDIX which makes the latency or waiting time for data transmission smaller.

What Makes Qwords different?

Qwords provides Web Hosting & Domain Name registration services with premium quality and affordable prices. Supported by quality, reliable, standardized network infrastructure and servers, as well as experienced human resources in the Web Hosting industry.

Data Center Private

It only takes less than 30 minutes to activate the Hosting service or Domain Name you ordered. The service can be immediately online, after payment confirmation is approved by billing team.

Instant Activation

Qwords has a Private Data Center in Jakarta. We manage and build our Data Center in order to ensure the quality and security of customer data. We also place several other Qwords servers in our partner’s Data Center to build a larger network, as well as backup & redundancy.

Network Uptime above 99.99%

Qwords has guaranteed Network & Server Uptime above 99.99%. This is due to precise configuration of the server and selective in classifying customers.

Data is stored on different servers

Qwords puts customer data on different servers, according to the selected package. We do this in order to provide the best service for our customers.

Best class hardware

Qwords uses the best class hardware, such as Dual Quad Core Xeon as the standard server that we use.

Stable software and latest version

Qwords uses stable and latest software, to keep our services reliable and always up to date.

Advanced Control Panel untuk Maintenance Hosting

Qwords uses the cPanel control panel for each Hosting account rented by customers to make it easier for customers to manage their hosting accounts.

Flexible Upgrades

Qwords uses a prorated billing system. If the customer wants to upgrade the rented hosting service, the difference will only be calculated

N+1 Capacity Scalable

Qwords uses a virtualization system that makes network and server scalability easier. When they need more capacity, we can increase the capacity as needed.

Technical Support & Customer Assistance siap 24 jam

We provide 24-hour service for customer technical services through the integrated portal and sales service assistance by our sales via live chat.


You are served by our friendly, professional staff, and ready to provide solutions to your website/hosting problems.

Automatic Backup System

They perform Backups automatically using high speed disks with RAID Mirroring system. The backup results are placed in Network Attached Storage (NAS). The OFFSITE Cloud Web Hosting backup system uses a weekly backup method.

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