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About Rackforest Web Hosting

The owners and managers of Rackforest Web Hosting founded the company with the determination to make a professional server rental, operation and hosting service available in Hungary, which takes advantage of the most modern equipment and infrastructure and keeps its prices at a realistic and affordable level, while offering worldwide companies provides typical stable and reliable service. In addition, it is an important goal that, in addition to high-quality, safe service and development, the company always maintains direct contact with its customers, the profession and its competitors.

In 2014, the management of RackForest focused on two very important aspects when it started to develop the company. One of them was quality, so that the availability of the servers is maximized and they achieve such redundancy with high transmission speed that they can compete with the big ones in this. Another important aspect was the way we treat customers.

A customer is not left alone, The does not have to make the decisions alone, which he registers and fills out, they set the necessary parameters for him. This is not a mechanical process. It is important to what the customer wants, they discuss with him what his goals are and how he can achieve them.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameRackForest Web Hosting
Price Start From$1.20 – $62.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Address1132 Budapest Victor Hugo u 11. 5. em. B05001.
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Best Possible Place

Most of them already feel that they have come to the best possible place. They understand: they are also attracted to such service providers, because with the help of such service providers they can proceed with own business as they wish. Without interruptions. So that they enjoy it and don’t feel anxious. But all this would be insufficient if the quality of the service and the technical parameters were average or worse. But they also made sure that these were above average, even excellent.

Best Location

They are present at each of Hungary’s three best locations, two separate uninterrupted power stations are operating everywhere, and they have connected one or two diesel generators, and somewhere they already receive electricity from two transformers, from two separate power supplies. 

This is good not only because they can connect to telecommunications lines at all three locations, but also because if someone takes advantage of the three independent locations, then if any location were to fail (in the event of some minor disaster), everything would continue as if nothing had happened.

We have great Supermicro servers, and the rental server costs little more than plain hosting, even though the customer brings his own server there. They change the hardware in two hours, and if we agree that the bandwidth is one gigabyte or 10, that’s it, guaranteed, always. Full bandwidth is available at any time, they do not overload the lines, if someone is very hungry, we transfer them to a place where they can comfortably fit. They flexibly follow the client’s growth, as the business result and turnover increase, they install newer and newer hardware as needed.

Why Choose Rackforest Web Hosting


The customers’ needs are the most important, they determine our services, products and processes.


The strong capital of Hungarian individuals provides security for the next 10-20 years.


They have worked for global companies, so we use the things we have seen and learned here in own processes.


Colleagues have decades of experience and are recognized specialists in their field.


The goal is to provide high-quality, affordable and customer-friendly service in Hungary as well.


The suppliers are global multinational companies, whose trust and strategic partnership they enjoy.

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