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About Web Hosting believes in holding the future of data centers while maintaing and raising the standards of best-in-class service support and network uptime at the same time. The professionals have been the industry leaders from the time they have begun proferring high-density, hyper-scale, and intense facilities. We have addressed the numerous users’ concerns regarding their data center demands and have made them achieve business profitability with unprecedented ease.

Some Quick Facts Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Price Start From$182/Month
Speed520 ms
Money Back30 Days
FeaturesRoot Level Access, 99.99% Uptime, Full Control, Security
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Root Level Access Operate and manage your server & sites without ever reviewing the code and command line. Although server access makes it possible for you.

Optimized Performance

With the Top Tier 3 and Tier 4 hardware components and RAID 0, RAID power experiences the optimal performance. A Windows or Linux dedicated server provides you with 100% of the system’s capabilities. No one can steal your resources and there is no virtualization overhead.

Advanced Security

Secure your data with dedicated SSL(Secure Socket Layer), AES(Advanced Encryption Standard), DDoS protection, Security measures.

99.99% Uptime

Dedicated Server resources render the immediate speed and performance boost by ensuring 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

Full Control Admin/root access to your Windows or Linux dedicated server gives you full control over the customization of your server’s hardware and software.


Dedicated servers are inherently more secure than a multi-tenant cloud or virtual environment. HIPAA and PCI compliance are more easily achieved on dedicated servers.

Value Of Money

There is no better option than a dedicated server when you are trying to find the best balance between maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

Private Networking can now connect dedicated servers to your private cloud through the private networking feature, you increase your connectivity internally without being connected to external networks or even the Internet.

Additional services offers an array of software services to take your dedicated server to the next level. From client management software to billing merchant accounts, they partnered with innovative organizations to offer you add-on services to optimally and seamlessly run your business.

Why Choose Server Wala

Reliability and Productivity

The data centers in every corner of the world have proven themselves as the industry directors in reliability & productivity. They are constructed by employing innovative technologies, and best practices are being held there 24/7 for better efficiency, high availability, and six-layered security. Besides, our data centers operate on high-level backup services to let customers rest assured about their data’s privacy and security

Consistent Network Connectivity are always at the front foot in implementing highly consistent and super-fast network connectivity developed with modern and productive technologies. We rank higher among all the leading data centers globally to ensure maximum network efficiency by accelerated processing of continuous server monitoring services. Our customers do not get deadlocked while executing any major processes or information transactions.

Resilient Infrastructure

They offer robust infrastructure with the resilient engineering design and ensure absolutely no reduction in the level of performance of the Data Center. The customers experience 99.995% uptime backed by industry specialists for delivering end-to-end solutions. They also receive on-premise support and server maintenance services along with easy-to-use data center solutions to sustain their business integrity.

Highly Responsive Team

They provide assistance to the customers in building a robust, scalable portfolio of services for their businesses and offer 365/24/7 technical support from certified and trained experts. The highly responsive team is always on its toes to accommodate customers with instant solutions with 100% satisfaction for any of their queries or concerns. Customers can communicate with the professionals or technicians of the data centers via any suitable mode of communication – Email, Live Chatbot, Skype, Whatsapp, Phone call. The member of the team reverts to the user or customer in the minimum possible time.

Expect Performance

The best features all at an affordable price

Premium Network operate the own network with trained technicians on staff.

Secure Cabinets

All Server Wala Dedicated servers are housed in secure cabinets only a limited number of people have access to.

Datacenter Security

They have 4 layers of security at each datacenter. Armed security staff, visitor screening, two-factor authentication scanners, and recorded CCTV video surveillances.

Carbon Conscious is environmentally conscious utilizing environmentally friendly electric power where possible.

Manage Service

Best SMTP Server for Bulk Email Sending

Send Bulk Email for skyrocketing ROI through Best dedicated bulk email server. Best SMTP server for bulk email. Bulk Email Server Hosting for B2B and B2C Email Marketing.

Cheap Powerful GPU Server

The Highest Level of Control, Performance and Security to Handle Big Traffic, the dedicated Server GPU solutions are fully optimized for speed, security and scalability. 24/7 customer support, perpetual security as well as high-speed performance give you an amazing gpu server hosting experience.

10GBPS Dedicated Servers

Serverwala Provides 10GBPS Dedicated Servers with Fully Optimized Speed, Security, and Scalability. You will get 10GBPS speed with Dedicated Servers, and you can also get 10GBPS speed on other servers on your Demand.

Backup Protect your physical and virtual servers with comprehensive solutions that can be custom-fit to any business.

Cluster Services

Manage load with optimal performance and experience enhanced uptime with the Cluster Server.

Bringing Simplicity to Server Hosting Unfolded as a vast data center, Server Wala thrives in the industry field of rendering all from hosting to colocation services. They ensure 100% availability of all the requisite computing and enterprise-grade resources with all the services’ plans for facilitating the customers to gain the power to procure headway in their business. The certified and experienced professionals’ expertise intends to contribute superior, advanced, and cost-effective solutions to let customers harness the web market business game.

Being an offshoring and global data center, they have been serving millions of users in different countries with contemporary technologies along with blazing high-end servers with no overloading issues. The customers have succeeded in building and securing their business’s digitally rooted presence over the web.

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