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About Web Hosting is fine, but fine is not good enough. While ShapeHost is a decent web host, you can get better quality hosting at a cheaper price with Hostinger, for example. ShapeHost is a Romanian web hosting provider that was established in 2015. Though relatively new to the market and staffed by a young team, ShapeHost has turned this to their advantage by building a flexible, user-focused business model offering cutting-edge technologies. They currently have servers located in 15 countries worldwide, though their cloud VPS hosting solutions are primarily based in Europe and North America.

Some Quick Facts Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Price Start From$5/Month
Speed520 ms
Money Back7 Days
FeaturesSuper Fast, Full Control, Instant Setup, Fast Deployment
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit



Secure & Reliable Your data will be secure with us. Make sure to use a strong password for your VPS..

Custom Setup

You can customize your Disk Space, CPU Speed, RAM, IP, change OS and Backup plans..

Full Control

The answer is “Yes” for every questions related to the control of the VPS, if the VPS is based on Cloud. If you have Classic VPS you only have few options.

Super Fast

The speed and performance of the machines are something that they take very seriously..

DDoS Protection

The servers are protected by an Anti-DDoS system. Focus on your projects not attacks.

Instant Setup

They don’t like to let you wait for the services you purchased and they will deliver instantly..

No Contract & Setup Fees

With ShapeHost you don’t have to worry about setup fees and obligation contracts..

More power, more speed.

Most of servers are now upgraded to SSD Storage. This means more power to you, more speed and a shorter processing time. Every hosting plan and every VPS comes with SSD storage if you choose it. Boost performance of your VPS servers and run your apps faster than ever.

The servers are located in up to 15 different locations

They understand how important is to give you a variety of locations.

Fast Deployment

Deployment of VPS machines are usually made in a couple of minutes. If you choose to go with a web hosting plan, your account will be live in a matter of seconds.

Top Notch Hardware

They take the quality of the servers very seriously and they always upgrade the infrastructure. That is why they only choose to work with qualitative hardware that won’t let you down.

Windows & Linux

With the Flexible Cloud you are not limited to one operating system. You can choose from many versions of Windows and Linux to fit your needs.

Highly Flexible Customize the machines the way you want. You can change your specs at any time of the day, 24/7 and the results will be instant. Pay only for the resources you use.

Cloud SSD Services If you have any Cloud Service from us with SSD, please use the button below to log in. This is important, because otherwise your won’t be able to access your account.

Classic HDD Services

Log in here if you are an old client or if your services are not on Cloud. If you have any of the Classic VPS or hosting services please log in using the button below.

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Cloudway Fastest Wordpress Hosting

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