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Shost Web Hosting Review:

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About Shost Web Hosting

Shost is a simple blogging platform for your blog, media, or newsletter. With its beginner-friendly interface and thousands of themes and advanced integrations, Ghost is one of the easiest ways to set up your own website or blog. Ghost’s primary focus is on blogging, and they have kept the interface and features simple on purpose. This makes their site easy to use for beginners and keeps their interface clean and free of clutter.


Why choose SHost?

Powerful server with NVMe SSD

SHost’s servers are located in Tier III Standard Data Centers with NVMe SSDs that are 10 times faster than conventional SSDs.

The server infrastructure system is synchronous, using the latest technologies with 100% software copyright. 99.9% Uptime server commitment helps you rest assured to focus on efficient business.

Optimized exclusively for WordPress

The system is optimized specifically for WordPress with Gzip Compression website compression technology, the latest PHP 8.0 version and HTTP/2 protocol to help your WordPress website work stably and improve page loading speed.

Anti-DDoS Attacks & Malware

The server system at SHost is equipped with a firewall to help prevent DDoS attacks from outside. In addition, Hosting is integrated with the copyrighted Imunify360 software using AI technology to comprehensively protect your WordPress website from malicious code that harms the website.

24/7 technical support

Technical support is always SHost’s number one priority. Customer satisfaction is SHost’s valuable asset.

With 15 years of experience in the WordPress field, SHost is confident to handle any problem you are facing.

Payment Guide

You can register to pay for services at SHost in one of the following ways:

  • Register online
  • Register at the office

Bank Transfer

When transferring money, you should note the following:

  • Please specify the order number to be paid and the phone number used to place the order (Order code or Domain name + Phone number) in the “Payment content” section.
  • If you choose to transfer by ATM, please contact phone number (028) 4455 7788 or Email: to inform the service name to be renewed.
  • Service can only be subscribed/renewed upon receipt of payment and complete correct information.

When collecting fees on-site, you should note the following:

  • Check the correct information & sign the service registration form.
  • Service can only be subscribed/renewed upon receipt of payment and complete correct information.
  • Toll collectors must present a letter of introduction from W2W Joint Stock Company. If the staff in charge of toll collection does not have a referral from W2W Joint Stock Company that the customer pays, the customer must be responsible for delivering the money to that employee.

To ensure the interests of customers, customers should note:

  • When paying by these methods, you need to create a corresponding order and ensure enough balance to pay.
  • Service can only be subscribed/renewed upon receipt of payment and complete correct information.

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