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About is a boutique cloud services company that takes pride in being an alternative to Big Tech. They deliver both customized Private Cloud deployments as well as proprietary Public Cloud solutions that give the clients the infrastructure they need, while giving them back the autonomy they deserve.

Skysilk mission is to be an extension of your IT team by providing you with simple, scalable, and affordable cloud services tailored to fit your unique requirements. The vision is for developers and businesses, of all walks of life, to have access to the tools and assistance they need to deploy their projects in an environment that offers the right combination of value and service.

Some Quick Facts About Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Price Start From$4.00 / MO
Speed520 ms
Money Back7 DAYS
FeaturesAward-Winning Help, Automated Backups, Managed Security
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Simple And Transparent Pricing

Choose from dozens of Linux apps & clean OS installs to deploy in seconds with just 1-click. Whether you’re running a small cloud operation or part of an enterprise-level organization, SkySilk offers over 40 resource plans to ensure you have the right cloud VPS environment suitable for your projects.

SkySilk is a complete cloud server management app. Deploy, manage, and monitor your virtual servers that host your websites, VPN and mobile VPN, cloud storage, and more.

Types of one-click apps to host:
OpenVPN – Mobile VPN, VPN
WordPress – Websites, blogs, ecommerce, mobile blogging
Linux distros – Web hosting, cloud computing
Nextcloud – Cloud storage, mobile cloud storage
Game servers – Minecraft, ARK
Node.js – Web applications, server-side frameworks
MySQL – Database management, mobile cloud database

SkySilk is a cloud hosting service to deploy VPS (Virtual Private Servers). Connect to your SkySilk account using the dedicated mobile app to deploy, control, manage, and monitor your SkySilk VPS.

Welcome To Your New Home In The Cloud

Start for $4.00/M

Deploy an SSD cloud server starting at just $4.00/month, scale as you go.

Auto Backups & Snapshots Get peace of mind with automatic weekly cloud backups & snapshots.

Flexible Resource Options

A variety of monthly plans to meet any workload and budget.

Triple Replicated SSD

Industry leading Infiniband speeds for rapid deployment and optimal I/O.

Earn Hosting Rewards

Earn up to 10x SkySilk Web Hosting Rewards points on every transaction and referral, redeemable for Account Credit and other great rewards!

Powered by Open Source Flexibility and compatibility with many familiar and popular Linux-based open source software solutions.

Start for Ceph File Storage $4.00/M

Optimized to utilize Ceph storage for no single point of failure.

Premium Infrastructure

NVMe SSD Container-based cloud architecture with AMD EPYC 7601 CPU, hosted on a carefully architected Infiniband network.

Server Deployment & Open-Source

A Simple, Flexible Deployment Process

They utilize a combination of established hardware and open-source software to create cloud resources that can be utilized at any layer of the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models. Our Linux apps, tools, and clean OS distributions can be deployed and preconfigured in seconds with just one click.

Elastic Scalability & Open-Source Tech

The SkySilk Web Hosting cloud infrastructure provides for simple automation, scaling, and VPS deployment. Through the use of open-source software such as Proxmox VE, Ceph Storage, LXC, and QEMU among others, we’ve taken the initial legwork out of server setup and system administration. This way you can spend more energy towards innovation while saving costs on your cloud infrastructure.

Reliability & Data Security

They treat your data as if it was the own. They have developed multiple layers of security into our back-end with built-in DDoS protection and Anti-Virus. They went through a 21-month beta testing process in order to mitigate any potential bugs, filter out and protect from malicious activity, and go through measures to ensure the highest levels of security implementation. engineers have architected every layer of the infrastructure with security in mind, ensuring our services are always highly available, completely fault-tolerant, and never any single point of failure.

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