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About Web Hosting Cloud is a technology infrastructure company that aims to provide a high-performance web services platform to host your website, emails and register domain names.

Technology is at the core but the heart is the team and customers. They built out a lot of technology and infrastructure, but none of that matters more than the customers. The entire focus is on the customers. This is something that they will never lose sight of. they created the platform to give them the best service out there for their websites, email and domain names.

Over the years, the technology has evolved and the team has grown. Today, the platform powers over 500,000 websites in over 85 different countries. Everyone from photographers, bloggers, influencers, marketing experts, developers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs of different stripes make good use of the web services platform to host their online presence.

Some Quick Facts About Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Hosting Web Hosting
Price Start From$19.95 /mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back15
Features24/7/365 Technical Support, 99.9% Network Uptime, Control Panel, Pure SSD
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Web Hosting Plan

Why Choose Skystra?

Service Customers are the reason they exist. They do everything for the customers. The customer service team is here for you.


Websites, email and domains are the focus of the business. From blogs to stores, they got your online presence covered.


They understand technology and WordPress. That means well know what you’ll need when it comes to your website.


At the heart of any technology company is innovation. Your online presence will always run on the newest technology.

Transparency Report

What you pay us matters. They never take your subscription for granted. This is why they created a Transparency Report so you see exactly where your dollars go. This report gives you an overall break down of how your subscription is invested right back into the platform you use to host your websites and email.

24/7 Human Support

The best intelligence isn’t artificial. They don’t use chat bots, they don’t use scripts or customer service automations. They are technologically savvy, but they definitely not robots and will always talk to you like a human being. When you need us, they are there, 100% of the time.

Secure Your Data

Layered security systems provide a multi-layered defense infrastructure to protect both your website and emails from malware and viruses. With 6 layers of security, your website, visitors and hosted data are shielded.


Precision targeting means malware, viruses, bots and hacks are automatically detected and thwarted. Targeting powered by machine learning means malware old and new are automatically removed from your account.

Cleanup security systems automatically cleanup malware on your account. The best part? You don’t have to do a thing, from the moment you subscribe, your website and emails are continuously scanned and cleaned.


Every company has to grow, and they are no different. They use a portion of your subscription to help the Sales department create solutions for the customers. The Sales team isn’t just there for us, they are there to help you too, they mean that.


Every business requires profit to exist, scale and grow. Everything left over from the other departments goes directly into the profit column. They don’t pull any profit out though, they think it’s wiser to grow and provide you better service, so they reinvest profit right back into the business. They are relentless in the pursuit to giving you the best and most reliable platform out there for your website, email and online presence.


Technology is at the core of the company. Building the hardware, maintaining the network and data centers your content and emails gets delivered on are the big ticket items in this column. They also reinvest into making the infrastructure as green as possible, having made the data centers use 100% renewable energy as of 2018. They care about your data and the impact of the footprint.


They keep the marketing overheard to a strict minimum. The marketing operates heavily on word of mouth, direct social media outreach and referrals through the Affiliate Program. The philosophy is unique in that they don’t just do marketing solely through paid ads. Rather, they look at entire industries and propose ideas on what they can do for the customers and how to reach new channels organically.

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