Monday, October 3, 2022 Web Hosting Review: Website Technical Support

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Skytomato is a digital technology driven provider to deliver online marketing and presence so that businesses can thrive online.

They combine insightful and creative digital strategy with cutting-edge technology to deliver a full suite of web management services from infrastructure to designs and marketing strategies.

Skytomato is an authorized domain name partner of MYNIC (Malaysia Domain Name Registrar) to promote internet usage to businessnes in Malaysia.

Support Your Digital Assets

The core business is to support and guide businesses in their online ventures through Skytomato 3Ms’ of Web Ecosystem :

  • MAKE

Over the years team have built over  1000+ websites and currently manages over 500+ clients in their web & digital presence. Skytomato also work with agencies and associations to provide web technology implementation and web management support to their clients.

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