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About Stablepoint Web Hosting

At Stablepoint Web Hosting , it’s personal. They focus on what makes hosting great: reliable servers, easy to use systems, and fantastic customer support. We’re here to help you succeed — because if you do, then theydo too.

Stablepoint is run by the original founders of UK hosting brands Tsohost and Vidahost, which we started as teenagers in bedrooms in 2003. They ran those businesses until 2017, when they were acquired by GoDaddy and they were in 30s with kids ourselves.

But hosting was in blood. After a short break, they teamed up with Sal Patel, then running Speedydot Hosting, and decided to build a hosting company for the 2020s and beyond.

Using knowledge of what did and did not work, Stablepoint Web Hosting aim was to create the perfect scalable hosting business – that remained personable and friendly even as it grew. They decided to take advantage of the latest technological advances such as public cloud, but also to build a brand that reflected ethos and honest and friendly approach.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameStablepoint Web Hosting
Price Start From$1.99
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

The Stablepoint passion.

They know that hosting is about much more than uptime and site speed. Even though your hosting bill may be a negligible part of your business spend, your website is maybe the most important tool your business has.

The main reasons customers come to Stablepoint is the fact that they trust us with their websites, not just because even first line support have the technical experience to help with and understand complex issues, but because technical support and management are relatable, approachable and understanding.

Technology & networks

At Stablepoint we have perfected a global managed hosting platform. It is spread across servers in 80 locations, using public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud & DigitalOcean.

Configure. Perfect. Replicate.

Every one of thousands of server nodes is identically configured for complete consistency, then managed and monitored centrally using modern development tools like Terraform and Ansible. As a result, we’re able to run a disparate, redundant, fully-managed hosting environment with zero technical headaches or overheads.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Theservers are configured identically and managed centrally. If a setting is tweaked to improve performance or increase compatibility, it happens (after testing) universally on all of systems.

Provider agnostic

They deploy on top of public cloud providers, so fully leverage networks like Google and Amazon. If required, we can deploy to practically any network provider with an api.

The management tools are spread across multiple locations to ensure that we can control systems as efficiently as possible.

Configuration automation

They use Ansible to centrally control entire server configuration state. Once a server has been created, its details will be passed onto Ansible, where a consistent configuration is applied. From security profiles to email configurations, all of servers begin life with a carefully designed and automatically applied configuration.

Infrastructure as code

Each server begins by being defined as a terraform configuration. This allows us to both provision a server on numerous cloud providers in seconds, but also provision the various requirements (licenses, DNS configurations, etc.) completely programatically, with no human intervention required.

Refreshed hardware

Underlying infrastructure is updated & replaced with minimal disruption to sites and no action required on your part. You won’t find yourself on end of life systems in five years’ time, or being put through confusing server migrations and nameserver changes.

100% public cloud

They leverage the networks and hardware of global public cloud providers. In practice this has a number of important consequences: they use their infrastructure to deploy own software stack, they focus on the hosting environment and setup rather than underlying hardware, it removes almost every single point of failure in offering.

Billion dollar networks

These providers invest billions of dollars into their networks. No website host has the ability to come close to matching it themselves. As Google or Amazon develop new features or open new locations, we can take immediate advantage.

Hardware recovery

In case of any issue, your websites will move to new systems automatically with no disruption. On a traditional web server, a failing disk may cause sluggish performance or data-loss. This is not the case with the providers we use.

Live migrations

Resize, reboot, change or recover with zero downtime. Depending on the underlying provider, they can even upgrade systems without disruption.

Fully managed

They take care of full server management, and provide you with a straightforward cPanel hosting interface. You get all the benefits of public cloud, with no headache. You do not need your own accounts with cloud providers.

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