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About Suralink

Suralink , founded in 2014 by Tim Ballantyne, a CPA who spotted a market need, is now the global leader in PBC list management software, assisting accounting firms in simplifying the audit process while improving the customer experience. The cloud-based application, created by accountants for accountants, combines a dynamic PBC request list and assignment workflow system with a secure file hosting platform to provide as a single point of contact for clients.

Key Points About Client Accounting Software

Product NameSuralink
Free Version AvailableYes Free Version Available
PlatformWindow , Android , IOS
SupportClick Here To Visit
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How To Install Client Accounting Software

Here Are The Steps To Install Suralink On Your Computer:

  1. Go To The Official Website Of Suralink And Download The Installer File For The Version Of Suralink That You Want To Install.
  2. Once The Download Is Complete, Locate The Installer File On Your Computer And Double-Click On It To Begin The Installation Process.
  3. If Prompted By The User Account Control Dialog, Click “Yes” To Allow The Installer To Make Changes To Your Computer.
  4. In The Suralink Setup Window, Select Your Preferred Language, Then Click “Install” To Start The Installation Process.
  5. Wait For The Installation Process To Complete. This May Take Several Minutes Depending On The Speed Of Your Computer.
  6. Once The Installation Is Complete, You Will See A Message That Says “You Are Protected” On The Suralink Dashboard.
  7. You Can Now Customize Your Protection Settings, Such As Performing A Scan Or Setting Up Automatic Updates, As Per Your Preferences.

Ease Of Use

Suralink Is Simple To Download, Install And Use. It Runs Smoothly On Both Windows And MacOS Devices. There Are Four Sections – Home, Explore, Messages, And Account. The Home Section Allows You To Check For Any Potential Issues With Your Device Or Network, Run A Smart Scan, Or Set Up An Appointment With Suralink Support.

What Is Price Of Client Accounting Software?

Suralink Free Is The Basic Product In The Lineup. There Are Additional Versions That Add More Features But Which Aren’t Free. In Addition, Suralink One Is A New Version Of Suralink That Offers More Features Than Suralink Free , And There’s A Free Version Of That As Well. Here’s What Comes With Each Version Of Suralink :

What Is Price Of Client Accounting Software?

Is Client Accounting Software Provide Free Trail ?

Many client accounting software suppliers provide free trials to prospective clients. The trial period’s availability and duration may differ based on the software and the provider.

To find out if a particular client accounting software offers a free trial, go to the software provider’s website or contact their customer support. Most software companies promote their free trial offerings on their websites, and you can join up for the trial by supplying your email address or creating an account.

Before committing to a subscription or purchase, you can test the program and explore its features during the free trial time to see if it fulfills your needs. It’s always a good idea to use a free trial if one is provided to check that the program is a good fit for your company.

How Safe Is Suralink ?

Suralink is a secure cloud-based platform that provides accounting firms and their clients with secure file exchange and collaboration capabilities. To protect data and guarantee confidentiality, the platform employs extensive security procedures. Here are a few examples of how Suralink is safe:

Here are some of the security measures implemented by Suralink :

  1. Encryption: Suralink employs end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of all data exchanged between users. This means that data is encrypted on the sender’s device, sent via a secure channel, and only decrypted on the recipient’s device.
  2. Access control: Suralink delivers sophisticated access controls that allow accounting companies to restrict access to sensitive data to just authorized people. Administrators can also control permissions and revoke access as needed on the platform.
  3. Two-factor authentication: As an added layer of security, Suralink offers two-factor authentication. In addition to their login credentials, users must give a second form of identity, such as a code texted to their phone.
  4. Data backups: Suralink backs up data on a regular basis to guarantee that critical information is not lost in the case of a hardware failure or other problem.
  5. Compliance certifications: Suralink adheres to various industry standards, including SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA. This ensures that the platform fulfills stringent security and privacy standards and is reviewed on a regular basis by independent third-party auditors.

Overall, Suralink is a safe platform that places a premium on the security and confidentiality of its users’ data. To protect data, the platform employs advanced security measures, and its compliance with industry standards indicates its dedication to maintaining high levels of security and privacy.

Client Accounting Software Features

Stop wasting time chasing documents

Whether you’re attempting to manage hundreds of documents or trying to track the status of an engagement, Suralink’s dynamic workflow solution will help you reduce the amount of time and effort required to keep engagements on track.

Make painful engagements a thing of the past

Suralink simplifies the engagement process for your clients, ensuring they have an enjoyable experience they’ll want to repeat with you year after year.

Organize & Automate Requests

Create document request lists and set timelines of completion so documents stay on track.

Invite Users

Add clients and firm users to projects so they know what documents to provide and when.

Share and Upload Files

Securely transfer and store an unlimited amount of documents by dragging and dropping.

Track Progress

Track Progress Get instant updates and follow the progress of requests. Communicate through integrated chat.

Integration with Other Software

To streamline business operations, CAS integrates with other software such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, payment processing systems, and inventory management software.

Security and Access Control

CAS includes security measures, such as user authentication and access controls, to guarantee that only authorized workers have access to critical financial information.

Tax Management

CAS supports with tax administration by offering tools for calculating taxes owing, generating tax reports, and filing tax returns.

Client Accounting Software PRO & CONS

Client accounting software can help you save time by automating tasks like invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting.While client accounting software can save money in the long term, the initial expense of obtaining and installing it can be prohibitively expensive.
Because the data is input and processed automatically, the software ensures accurate financial records.Client accounting software may have a learning curve, especially for people who are unfamiliar with accounting software.
Businesses may quickly access their financial data in real-time using client accounting software, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their financial status.Storing sensitive financial data in the cloud or on a server can expose you to security threats, such as hacking or data breaches.
Businesses can use the software to share financial information with their accountants or other relevant parties, which improves communication and collaboration.
Client accounting software can eliminate the need for manual labor by automating certain accounting operations, which can save firms money.

Suralink Alternative Brands

If You Are Looking For An Alternative To Suralink , There Are Many Brands Available On The Market That Can Provide Similar Protection For Your Computer Or Device. Some Of The Most Popular Brands Include ShareFile, SmartVault, FirmFlow, FileInvite Citrix ShareFile, Wrike, Smartsheet.

Best Alternative Of Suralink Is ShareFile


Best Alternative Of Suralink Is ShareFile

ShareFile is a business-oriented file sharing and collaboration tool. It has customisable branding, client portals, file request forms, and e-signature capabilities.

Final Verdict

Suralink is an accounting firm-specific cloud-based document management and collaboration tool. Firms can use it to securely communicate and store client papers, track progress, and automate reminders and follow-ups.

Customizable request lists, automated reminders, real-time progress tracking, secure file exchange, and customizable branding options are some of Suralink’s primary features. The platform also integrates with a variety of accounting tools, including QuickBooks and Xero.

Suralink, in general, can be a beneficial tool for accounting companies aiming to optimize their document management and client collaboration procedures. It is crucial to note, however, that other similar platforms may be accessible in the market, and you should analyze them depending on your individual demands and objectives.

Suralink Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Suralink function?

Suralink enables accounting teams to securely and efficiently request, receive, and manage documents from their clients. Clients can upload papers to a single place, where the accounting team can access them. To make the process as easy as possible, the platform incorporates tools like as task management, automatic reminders, and document categorization.

Is Suralink safe?

Yes, Suralink is built to be extremely secure. To protect sensitive financial data, the platform employs SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security measures. Suralink is also SOC 2 Type II compliant, which means it has been independently inspected to ensure high security standards are met.

What types of enterprises can benefit from Suralink?

Suralink is intended for accounting firms of all sizes and their clients, which include companies in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and others.

What is the price of Suralink?

Suralink provides various price plans based on your company’s demands. You can get a personalized quote from their sales team.

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