Swarmify Web Hosting Review: Optimized Encoding for all Devices

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About Swarmify Web Hosting

Swarmify Web Hosting of the most common ways site owners put video on their websites is by embedding videos from YouTube. This is a great option for site owners who can only afford “free”. But, as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

If something is free, it’s usually a safe bet that the one offering the product is making money one way or another. YouTube makes money off you as a site owner by stuffing its player with overlays, recommended videos, and links designed to pull viewers away from your site to YouTube. More viewers spending more time on YouTube’s own website = more ad dollars for YouTube. The company also plasters its branding all over the player overpowering and overshadowing your own brand on your own site.

YouTube also loads its player with tracking analytics designed to gather information about your users. While most site owners are not worried about their users being followed by YouTube, they should be concerned with the effect the tracking analytics have on the playback experience. With all the added weight to YouTube’s player, the speed of the experience suffers.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameSwarmify Web Hosting
Price Start From$29.00 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 14 Days
Address3270 Suntree Boulevard, Suite 219 Melbourne, Florida 32940
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Professional video hosting

Global video cdn

Whether your customers are across the world or just down the street, your video starts fast. Instant-start, buffer-proof.

Optimized encoding for all devices

Your customers get video optimized for their device to deliver the best experience. Worry free and automatically updated for new devices.

Clean, distraction free player

Make more sales, and reduce bounce rates by keeping visitors focused on your brand. Giant logos and related videos are designed to take away your customers.

Simple installation

no encoding

Between codecs, formats, and bitrates, encoding has quite the learning curve. With SmartVideo, you’ll never have to worry about encoding again.

no programming

Here at Swarmify, we’re pretty huge video nerds. But they understand that having an awesome video experience on your site shouldn’t just be for video nerds like. SmartVideo makes creating a professional video experience simple.

no re-uploading

No matter where your videos are stored, Amazon S3, WordPress, or even YouTube & Vimeo. Copy/paste snippet, and watch SmartVideo auto-import all your videos.

no expert required

You shouldn’t have to take out a loan or hire a video expert to create a great video experience on your site. Anyone with basic site-building skills can use SmartVideo.

You have a choice to make

When choosing a video provider for your website, you have a choice to make. Do They go with a “free” service like YouTube and deal with the brand dilution and lead siphoning? Or do I pay up and piece together multiple services to handle encoding, storage, delivery, and player?

The first option might seem like a good one until you take a hard look at what it costs you to lose a sale or sign up to an errant click on one of YouTube’s many links in their player. The second option might appeal to the most tech savvy among us, but the costs add up and the friction of managing multiple services often far outweighs the benefits.

Why SmartVideo?

SmartVideo was built for site owners who need to grow beyond YouTube’s “free” offering but aren’t willing to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours every month managing each piece of their site’s video experience. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table thanks to what we learned building enterprise-level video delivery solutions for massive media corporations.

How’s SmartVideo different?

We’re quite a bit different from the average video host. With your videos start about 12x faster, buffer 8x less, and are served by our global delivery network with device-specific encodes. In short – we know how to deliver your videos to your audience quickly, in high quality, and with no hiccups.

Another way they differ from most video hosts is that they believe you should always be in possession of your original source files. That’s why they grab a copy of your video from wherever you store the original before making 5-10 encodings of it, so it plays back perfectly on all devices.

Buffer-free, stall-proof playback.

Other video platforms rely on outdated delivery technology resulting in roughly 1 in 4 viewers experiencing a stall-out. SmartVideo makes use of Swarmify’s patented delivery solution, drastically reducing stall-outs by 8x.

Automagic YouTube (and Vimeo) conversions.

SmartVideo automatically fetches your videos from YouTube (or Vimeo), encodes them, and stores them. After that, the YouTube player is completely replaced and your videos are hosted on global delivery network and served via accelerated playback technology.


Here’s a website with a YouTube video embedded on it.

Notice how long the video takes to load and the irrelevant “recommended videos” that clutter the player.

Here’s the same website with SmartVideo.

SmartVideo automatically converted the YouTube video and is now delivering it. No work by the site owner required. Notice how quickly the video loads. There’s also no clutter to be found.

Clean, distraction-free player

YouTube and other platforms clutter their player with links to siphon your traffic. The SmartVideo player is clean, customizable, and leak free.

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