Tailor Made Servers Web Hosting Review: Providing The Best Unmanaged Dedicated Servers 

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About Tailor Made Servers Web Hosting

Founded in February of 2003, Tailor Made Servers Web Hosting Servers was created as a company with a focus on its users. Over the years, TMS, as it is commonly referred to, has enjoyed steady growth while maintaining an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction.

Tailor Made Servers puts all of its efforts in providing the highest level of support, backed by excellent network connectivity options, always complemented by top quality hardware. They understand how valuable your business is.

Many of the features company has offered as standard since 2003 at Tailor Made Servers are still optional (or promised yet not delivered) features at most of competitors. Features such as Remote Reboot and 100Mbps Ports (1Gbps Ports now) have been enjoyed by users on every server since Day 1. The Location in Dallas, TX, provides a very central spot for reaching your customers quickly regardless of their location.

At TMS, you will receive friendly and personal support at all stages; from pre-sales questions, to your server installation, to asking for feedback a month into your stay. Once you’re hosted with, you will only wish you had tried us sooner.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameTailor Made Servers Web Hosting
Price Start From$84.00 – $251.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Address3004 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX, United States
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Extreme Network Performance

At Tailor Made Servers, they consider network to be of vital importance. The customers deserve the best there is, period. That is why premium network offers low latency, high throughput, redundancy, uptime and the reliability you would come to expect from a Top Tier provider. With hub in Dallas, TX, network performs at swift speeds, reaching your customers efficiently regardless of their location.

Guaranteed by SLA for 99.99% uptime network will get you as close to the cloud as you can be. This is done thanks to multiple Gigabit links to various carriers, as well as Internap’s Flow Control Platform (FCP).

 A Winning Combination

While BGP offers the redundancy necessary for a multi-homed network, the FCP appliance takes this one step further. The FCP is designed to identify the fastest routes for your data based on performance. In the event of increased latency or packet loss, it will reroute your data through a more efficient path. That is smart routing.

Last but not least, all of servers come standard with 1000Mbps ports. This allows you to burst freely at any time and get rid of worries or slowness. Users connecting to your servers will thank you for having great connectivity to virtually anywhere in the world.

Information for Resellers

Have you ever wanted to run dozens of servers? All the while having no worries about server inventory, spare parts for repairs, network expansion, power availability, support staff, etc.? Becoming a Tailor Made Servers reseller can give you all those benefits and more!

Tailor Made Servers has been helping the resellers achieve growth levels that they couldn’t imagine before. They have a large family of resellers from various countries around the world!

Unlike other companies, they tailor our reseller program to each individual company. They make sure that the servers they need are always available, and to offer them the most aggressive pricing to ensure an easy growth process that drives their business up.

The resellers not only get the best prices, they also have priority access to new inventory, private sales and free upgrades!

Resellers also have access to API that allows them to build Remote Reboot and rDNS functionality into their own helpdesks among other features.

Server DDos Protection

Tailor Made Servers offers DDoS protection for the entirety of network. This means every single server under the TMS umbrella is protected 24/7. While some providers will simply null-route an IP that’s under attack, protection actually filters out attacks of up to 1Tbps in size, keeping your server online and your customers happy.

They host numerous game servers, voice over IP services along with just about every single web service possible, all without any issues related to DDoS. Join family and experience the worry free experience customers have enjoyed for almost two decades.


  • Private Datasuite inside a world class Datacenter
  • All new infrastructure – No legacy, end-of-life or obsolete equipment
  • Meets compliant requirements including PCI, HIPAA and SOX
  • Up to 10 MW of power available
  • Dark fiber available to Equinix in the Dallas Infomart
  • 24/7/365 ON-SITE TECHNICAL
  • SUPPORT available
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