Techsys Web Hosting Review: Fast Affordable & Reliable Server

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About Techsys Web Hosting

At Techsys Web Hosting Ltd, regardless of which hardware component might fail, your web presence will remain online 24/7/365 Days a year! The cloud servers ensure that in the event of a software or hardware failure on any of servers, any tasks of that server are automatically taken over by another server in the cluster. Your web site will remain available with no interruption of service and the defective server can be looked after without outages.

Techsys Ltd – Web Hosting They support all major programming languages. Feel free to contact for any specific features that you may require. They provide clients with a secure environment to host their businesses. The Secure Certificates will guarantee that your website is 100% trusted. They will have your issue resolved in an hour.

Techsys Web Hosting you get 3 issues not fully resolved in one month, they will give you a 50% refund on the affected product. You can go to sleep and stop worrying about your server being down. They offer a 100% Uptime guarantee on all UK, USA and German servers. Servers in India have upto 99.6 Uptime guarantee.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameTechsys Web Hosting
Price Start From$1
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressKampala, Central Region, Uganda
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Quality Server Management

Depending on your current Need, Techsys offers both Managed and unmanaged servers. For the professionals, Our unmanaged servers offer cheaper servers and give the client total control over their servers through root access. The managed servers are a time saving option for clients who do not wish to or those that do not have the ability to manage their own servers.

By choosing Managed dedicated servers or VPS, you are sure that Techsys Ltd will oversees the set up of your server, security, data transfers, management of preinstalled software, operating system and any troubleshootings. This is a great option for companies just starting out in the hosting business or those that have limited IT staff, technical knowledge, or time available for server management.

Migrating From Another Host

Techsys maintains a very qualified and Dedicated Migration Team which will easily and freely transfer your websites from your current host to our servers without any data loss or downtime.

Entry Plans to Get you Started


The servers are designed for high performance computing environments with broad requirements that will ensure that your web presence is online 24/7/365


Techsys Ltd mainly deploys branded servers from industry leader server manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and accessories to ensure reliability.


HONESTY – mark that word. They don’t try to make money by confusing you, The motto is “Keeping word all the time“ If we promise it we will offer it.


Techsys’ 24/7 dedicated Customer support team is assembled with your needs in mind. They do not take pride in helping you sometimes but giving you quality support 100% of the time.


All USA servers are fully protected against DDOS attacks with a best-in-class Denial of Service mitigation system.


HONESTY – Mark that word. They don’t try to make money by confusing you. The motto is “they keep word all the time“ If we promise it, we will deliver it.


Techsys understands the need to have your data secured to the best acceptable industry standard. The data centers provide the most secure environment for your data and that of your clients!


They have now implemented the best of both grid computing and cloud hosting to build a network that has now risen our uptime guarantee to 100%! Your website is online all the time.


They have combined SSD and Sata drives, LiteSpeed Web Server, LiteSpeed Cache, on Skylake architecture from Intel to give you SPEED for your server.

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