Templ Web Hosting Review: Smarter Workflow with Hosting Built for WordPress

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About Templ Web Hosting

Templ Web Hosting makes managing WordPress websites effortless. They help online shops, blogs, and business websites perform to their fullest potential. In an industry obsessed with tech, they value the human touch, and goal is to make high-performance WordPress hosting accessible and fun for everyone.

Templ Web Hosting pamper customers with a seamless migration process and designated personal concierge around the clock. They help out with every aspect of a WordPress website and offer optimizations to improve performance. They treat every customer with attention and consideration and are available when needed the most – so they can get back to business and keep pushing forward.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameTempl Web Hosting
Price Start From$29.00 – $149.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 10 Days
AddressHagtornsvägen 12, 647 30 Mariefred, Sweden
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


A helping hand.

They help you with stuff that other web hosts won’t do. Forget about hiring external developers – they provide coding and functional changes as an additional paid service, with fast turnaround and no minimum spend.

  • Debugging and optimization
  • Updates of plugins and themes
  • Changes of website functionality

Your website supercharged.

Everything can be optimized. They make your website faster and leaner with better database, image, and cache optimizations. Included in all plans.

We’ve got your back.

Stuck on something important? Need help fast? Hand over your problems to our experts, and keep pushing forward.

Tools and features you will fall in love with.

Everything you need to take your website to the next level.

Unlimited Free Migrations

Sit back and enjoy moving help from pros who treat your website with extra care. Make sure everything works (and are improved!) before finalizing the move by pointing your domain to Templ.

Security first

Hand over security to Templ and let go of hacker fear. Your website is kept safe by 24/7 tight monitoring, regular software updates, free SSL, and support available around the clock.


If your theme or a plugin is causing problems – reach out to Templ and get it fixed. This service is part of Extended Support – additional paid services with fast turn-around time and no minimum spend.


Use a staging site to test modifications before they go live. Use it to try out a new plugin, safely update WordPress, or creative experimentation.

Google Cloud

Say goodbye to shared hosting and enter the future of web hosting. Enjoy Google’s secure, insanely fast, and ridiculously stable cloud infrastructure.

WordPress Expertise

Support around the clock from a friendly team specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce.

Daily Backups

Your website is safely backed up daily, and stored for a month. If a change caused problems, you can always revert to a previous version in a single click.

Built for Speed

By placing your website in an isolated environment with scalable resources on the fastest platform in the world – Google Cloud – and combining it with server-level cache, image optimization, Google Cloud CDN, and a tech stack optimized for WordPress, they truly maximize every aspect of its performance.

Google Cloud

With its vast network of servers and own fiber cable system, Google Cloud is able to transmit and process data with blazing speed. That Google Cloud is unparalleled in speed is proven by the number of leading companies choosing it. Paypal, Twitter, and Spotify all use GCP.

Tech Stack

At the front of web server stack is Nginx, the webserver of choice for internet giants such as Cloudflare and The php-workers are based on an optimized version of PHP-FPM allowing prioritizing certain requests over others. The database of choice is MariaDB, a more performant drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Image Optimization

For best performance we offer server based optimization and conversion of images to WebP. The WebP standard, developed by Google, often gives size reductions of up to 70% compared to jpg and png. A Server Based Image Optimization means no WordPress plugin is needed for this, leading to additional performance gains for your web site.


Increase your site’s page load speed by activating object cache Redis – a server-level cache that stores database query results so they can be served faster the next time they are requested. Activated upon request, and free of charge.

Server Level Cache

At Templ, they handle the caching for you – on the server-level. Besides saving you from headaches finding and configuring a plugin, page caching done on the server is both faster and less resource hungry than a plugin, meaning that resources can be used for more important things.

CDN & Quic/HTTP3

Boost your website’s response time around the world with Google’s Cloud CDN. Make it even faster by enabling QUIC/HTTP3 – soon the new standard protocol for web communication.

Data Center Location

Improve the performance of your WordPress site by choosing the Google Cloud data center located closest to your target audience. All the existing GCP locations are available to you, and new ones become available as soon as they open.

Auto Scaling

Your website’s resources will automatically be scaled up in case of surges in load and traffic, making sure the website will run smoothly and be fast at all times.

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