Vangus Web Hosting Review: Free Daily Backups

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About Vangus Web Hosting

Vangus Web Hosting storage companies have adopted the method of earning the maximum possible with only minimal investment in infrastructure. They prioritize their personal pocket and do not provide the customer with a real product that will serve him safely and reliably. For financial reasons only, the same companies choose to provide “web hosting” services on cheap physical servers with old hardware (or “cloud storage” services on virtual servers based on the same old hardware in a different configuration – in short, “the same lady in a change of coat”) . The stored customer is left exposed to the wonders of nature and physical failures – burnt disc, slow memory, voltage drops and more. These storage companies do not have any immediate access to handle the server in real time, the customer experiences failures both quickly and stably and in providing the service.

Some Quick Facts About Vangus Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Hosting NameVangus
Price Start From$79.30 / MO
Speed520 ms
Money Back14 DAYS
FeaturesFast & simple setup, Flexible billing, Secure storage
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Packages and prices

WordPress hosting packages are suitable for small and medium-sized website owners. These packages can store between 1-4 domains and are mainly aimed at image sites, blogs, landing pages and small trading sites. In these packages you will find our entire range of features, from advanced WordPress control, file management, backups and advanced security tools that are also accessible to the simple user.

Easy to move to Wangos

Sign up for a 30 day trial

Vangus Web Hosting provide 30 days experience for each storage package without the need to enter credit information. You can register and check out without any obligation on your part.

Submit a site transfer request

Wangos provides web hosting services from pre-hosting to all its customers. This service can be used easily by submitting a site transfer request.

Click, you passed.

Vangus Web Hosting team of experts will make the transition from the previous storage for you quickly and will update you on the entire transition process. The average transfer time is about 30 minutes.

Revolutionary management panel


Scheduled automatic backups + interface to the storage services of the world-renowned companies: Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon.

SSL certificates

Install SSL certificate in one click and completely free (including Certificate Authority).

PHP Management

All PHP versions for your choice 5.4-7.4 and replacement with a click.


Vangus Web Hosting Installing all versions of WordPress with a click, development environment, plugin management, closing security vulnerabilities , managing updates and more.

Your business needs a strong back

Advanced Central Management Panel

The management panel is a central control center through which you can perform all the actions necessary for setting up and executing your projects. For example: setting up a customer, adding a domain, installing WordPress, backups, website security and more.

Usage statistics

The management panel allows you to view advanced statistics about your customers’ use of their packages. Under one central interface you can view some storage space, monthly traffic, databases, used email addresses per customer.

Personal branding

Vangus Web Hosting management panel allows you to edit the main logo of the panel and thus customize it to the design of your business. The logo will also be displayed to your customers by logging in to their admin panel.

AI Configuration Security

The security system works in an AI configuration and therefore receives live updates about the latest security vulnerabilities in the market. Wangos is connected to the global cyber network, which is why customer sites are the first to be vaccinated against new attacks.

Click SSL Certificate

As part of the service and standard they set, you can install an SSL certificate with one click and completely free. The SSL certificates we provide are automatically renewed and updated according to global standards in the field of security.

Free daily backups

Vangus Web Hosting provide daily backups to all sites hosted on servers. The backups are included in the service and do not occupy your storage space. If necessary, you can restore your site with one click from the backup manager in your storage.

Change PHP versions in a click

They provide you with different and most up-to-date versions of PHP to run your site. From version 5.4 to 7.4. The administration panel allows you to change the PHP version with one click and accordingly adjust the code of the site to the correct version.

Business mailboxes

As part of the storage service, they provide every business owner with the ability to create quality mailboxes and spam-proof within a few clicks. These boxes can be connected to familiar software such as Outlook, Gmail and mobile devices.

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