Vdscom Web Hosting Review: Own racks in Data Centers

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About Vdscom Web Hosting

Vdscom Web Hosting is a group of companies that includes VDSCOM LLC, registered in the Russian Federation, UAB “Relidas”, Organization Code: 303254188, registered in Lithuania and VDSCOM Ltd, registered in the USA. The company was created by professionals with a huge 15 years of experience in the field of administration and hosting services. 

Vdscom cooperate with 15 Data Centers in 15 countries and have our own fleet of highly reliable equipment. They are only engaged in providing dedicated servers for rent and supporting VDS / VPS servers, which allows to focus on these areas as much as possible and perform our work at a high level.

Some Quick Facts About Vdscom Web Hosting

Hostox Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameVdscom Web Hosting
Price Start From$2.50/ mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 7 Days
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Why you should rent a server from us

Years of experience

VDSCOM was created by professionals with extensive experience in the field of administration and hosting services. They cooperate with 10 data centers in 10 countries and have own fleet of highly reliable equipment. By choosing as a hosting partner, you ensure prosperity and a stable future for your web project. 

The work officially

They are a legal entity and have official representative offices in the United States of America, the European Union, as well as in the Russian Federation. Vdscom Web Hosting relationship will be fixed in a written contract, they will provide all the necessary accounting documentation: acts of reconciliation of settlements, acts of work performed and a universal transfer document.


Free administration regardless of the tariff plan and rental period. They will help you solve any issues related to setting up the server, optimizing its work, transferring sites, completely free of charge and around the clock. All requests are processed exclusively through the ticket system in the client’s personal account, which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding.

Reliable dedicated servers for any task

Servers with GPU

Do you need to build neural networks and perform other resource-intensive tasks that require a GPU? They have reliable dedicated servers supporting up to 8 powerful Tesla A100 video cards, while the delivery time for any individual order is no more than 5 working days

DDoS protection

Annoy competitors by attacking the server? Come to! Vdscom Web Hosting offer rental of a dedicated server with free DDoS protection at the data center level hosted in Bulgaria from $78 per month – they will provide protection up to 500 Gbps from 24 popular types of attacks. Your server will always be online!

Online cinema

Are you planning to open your own online cinema, or do you have an already working project? They have excellent conditions and rich experience! Rent a server and get a turnkey online cinema optimized for high loads. Dedicated port from 1 Gbps to 300 Gbps and unlimited traffic!

Remote accounting

For corporate clients, they can offer to rent a secure dedicated server under “1C”. Working with, you will receive optimally selected configurations of remote servers in Lithuania or Russia for online accounting – this is reliable, high-quality and safe.

Free administration

Yes exactly! Full free administration when renting a server or VDS, regardless of the tariff plan and without reservations! The support service works around the clock – without breaks and weekends. All requests are processed through the ticket system, which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding. Guaranteed response time is 1 hour, but usually employees respond within 10 minutes!

Ease of payment from anywhere in the world

More than 30 payment options for renting a Vdscom Web Hosting or a dedicated server and additional services of the company – from Bitcoin and cash payments to plastic cards. Pay in a convenient way from anywhere in the world at a convenient time for you.

All payments are made in US dollars. They also accept payment in Russian rubles. The conversion is automatic. The time of transferring the payment depends on the chosen method – from 1 minute to 3 days. They work with individuals and legal entities, they can accept payment by bank transfer, they provide all the necessary closing documents for accounting.

What to choose: dedicated or virtual server?

Many webmasters are faced with such a problem as choosing between a virtual (VDS) and a physical dedicated server (dedicated). Of course, both services are suitable for hosting both large and start-up projects. But despite the apparent similarity, there are several key differences between them.

By renting a virtual server (VDS hosting), the user gets full control of a separate part of the physical server, dedicated to a virtual machine with its own OS, but at the same time, he has to put up with the presence of “neighbors”. And although the virtual machines are isolated from each other, an excessive load on the disks or a DDoS attack on one of them can disrupt the work of neighboring ones.

When renting a dedicated server, Vdscom Web Hosting client has access to all resources, and he uses the computing power alone. A high level of data security is ensured, since only the client has access, which independently or with the help of administrators individually configures protection.

Whatever you choose – a virtual or dedicated server – our company’s employees are ready to assist in the selection and subsequent operation of equipment at any stage. They will help you achieve high results in the development of your business!

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