Vdsnow Web Hosting Review: Fast, Functional Virtual Servers

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About Vdsnow Web Hosting

Vdsnow Web Hosting is a project of hosting provider XFiveX. They offer virtual servers (or VDS/VPS) for rent. The main idea of ​​the project is to provide fast, reliable virtual servers with exactly the configuration, with exactly the options that your project needs.

All premium services, such as: round-the-clock support from system administrators, assistance in installing and configuring the necessary software, round-the-clock monitoring of site operation, weekly and daily backups to external servers, assistance in transferring sites from another hosting are available for an additional fee.

Thus, you have the opportunity to order exactly what you need right now, without overpaying for those functions that you simply do not need.
With all the variety of free features already included in the price, Vdsnow Web Hosting keep the cost of services at an affordable level. The prices are the same for all host countries, and payments are made officially and in Russian rubles.

The purpose of the VDSnow project is to provide an opportunity to purchase exactly the VDS that you need. At the same time, if necessary, we are ready to do everything necessary so that you do not worry about the performance of your projects, but simply develop them.

Vdsnow Web Hosting Using site monitoring and technical support services, you can be sure that your project will be taken care of, whether it is a weekday or weekend, holiday or night. The experts will come to the rescue at any time.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameCatch22cloud Web Hosting
Price Start From$7.43 – $118.13
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back Anytime
AddressThe is Entuziastov, 12, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Virtual servers around the world

Renting a virtual server from VDSnow is available all over the world, which allows you to place your project as close as possible to its target audience.


stable team

Vdsnow Web Hosting team includes experienced system administrators, and many of them have been working on projects for more than 5 years, and we are proud of it!

Honesty and openness

At the heart of our ideology is honesty and openness to the client. We do not hide technical problems, but speak directly about them. And we have no hidden fees.

5 sites

Vdsnow Web Hosting Cooperating with data centers around the world, they are able to provide VDS for your project exactly where its target audience is located.

High speed

All VDSs run on modern Intel processors with fast memory as well as fast SSDs in RAID.

Just what you need

They don’t offer fixed pricing plans, they let you customize your VDS exactly the way you want.


Weekly or daily backups can be enabled for all VDS without exception for a small fee.

Quick activation

All VDS are created automatically within 10 minutes of account activation and payment.

24×7 support

The support team works around the clock and is always ready to help, whether it is a night or a weekend.

Where needed

Vdsnow Web Hosting offer to buy VDS/VPS hosting in Russia, Europe and the USA. This allows you to place the project where you need it.

What is a virtual server from VDSnow?

A virtual server (VDS or VPS) is one of the types of hosting in which each client is provided with dedicated hardware resources of a physical server. Thus, a virtual server is a complete analogue of a physical server, with the only exception being that many virtual servers are hosted on one physical server. At the same time, the functionality of a virtual server is no different from that of a physical server.

The main advantage of a virtual server against the background of conventional hosting is that it is possible to install any operating system, any software on a virtual server, deploy an unlimited number of sites, databases, mailboxes. In terms of cost, such a solution will often be even more profitable than regular site hosting, and in terms of functionality, you will receive your own server, where the settings will depend only on your needs.

Virtual servers differ from each other by virtualization technology. Now we can distinguish 3 main technologies – KVM, Xen and OpenVZ. The first two technologies are the most functional, and, as a result, the most popular. They allow you to organize a complete analogue of a dedicated server, that is, the user of such a KVM VDS or Xen VDS can install any operating system and configure it as necessary. The OpenVZ technology is designed to organize simple virtual servers with limited functionality, for example, you cannot install your own operating system on OpenVZ VPS, but you can choose one of those proposed by the developer.

Legal information

Limited Liability Company “XFiveX”
Address: Chelyabinsk, st. Enthusiastov, 12, of. 430
OGRN: 1137452005239, TIN: 7452111679, KPP: 745201001 r
/s No. 40702810138160000136 in the branch “Yekaterinburg” AO “Alfa-Bank”, BIC 046577964
K/s No. 30101810100000964 in the GRCC of the GRC of the GRC of Russia.

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