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Voxility Web Hosting Review: Work Team Experience

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About Voxility Web Hosting

Voxility Web Hosting other words, they rent or sell hardware, network equipment, Internet access and security services to those who are interested to have a serious online business. They do this in the unquestionable most interconnected, best datacenters on the planet.

Some Quick Facts About Voxility Web Hosting

Simba Domains Basic Details
Hosting NameVoxility Web Hosting
Price Start From$2.90 / mo
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 
AddressBerkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London, United Kingdom
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Telcos & Datacenters

My entire network needs protection against large DDoS attacks

They need better prices for transport to these datacenters

They want to expand and I need colocation and connectivity to local Internet Exchanges

They need 100Gbps of bandwidth tomorrow!

They only need 1-5U colocation in these hard-to-sign datacenters

They want to buy/rent this list of routers/switches

An easier way to cross-connect with others

It’s Time For a Big Bandwidth Environment!

All your servers should be connected to the Internet at their 10, 40, 100 Gbps ports-speed while the bandwidth is aggregated within the same location for significant savings.

Benefits when using Voxility’s Internet

It is like you are connected simultaneously to all these networks!

Amazingly fast Internet connectivity assured by the shortest BGP routes from over 1650 networks including Lumen (Level3), Telia, NTT, Comcast, Telefonica, Orange.

Think every server has direct, port-speed, Internet access!

The Internet edge capacity well exceeds the bandwidth used by customers and it is well balanced across the US and the EU.

Stream your hugely popular event without bottleneck!

They monitor the usage of every link to assure there they have enough spare capacity even when all your servers burst at once.

A price several times lower than you may believe it is possible!

Beside aggregating all traffic within a location, they leveraged technical capabilities to offer an ‘Economy’ service which may actually work great for you!

1 Tbps+ Acclaimed DDoS Protection for networks that works with almost any application

A guarantee that the customer services connected to Voxility are not affected by DDoS attacks. With over 200 small and large networks who chose to be protected by Voxility and many other hosted customers within our network, we stand as a significant DDoS protection service available on the Internet.

Hardware and Networking Equipment Rental (or Sale)

Voxility quickly rents and sells custom configured hardware that saves the typical customer hundreds of thousands in cash.

They offer HPE, Cisco, Arista, Dell Force10, Fortinet, Intel, Seagate and other brands configured per customer request and delivered in less than 7 days, sometimes on the same day. If it breaks down, we replace it in a matter of hours.

On month-to-month contracts, the customer has the option to return it anytime. On 3-year contracts, the total cost for the customer is less than he typically pays to an operation leasing company. And that doesn’t include the cost of service, shipping, warranty and foreign custom taxes the customer typically incurs.

Do you know someone that needs Voxility services?

They encourage you to become our Referral Sales Partner by recommending Voxility to someone you know and needs Voxility services.

First step is to email Maria Sirbu ( to obtain the list of introduction fees we pay and a copy of the Contract you need to sign.

Thereafter every time you come across someone that needs services, you will be rewarded by simply sending an email to!

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