Vshosting Web Hosting Review: Your Data in Maximum Security

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About Vshosting Web Hosting

Vshosting Web Hosting provide professional hosting services for e-commerce and IT. They find the most suitable solution, whether it is a medium-sized e-shop or a multinational IT corporation with specific requirements. Latest datacenter in Czech Republic, nonstop online technical and admin support 24/7/365, very competitive pricing conditions. Price with not at the expense of quality.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameVshosting Web Hosting
Price Start From$139.00 – $289.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressTiskařská 10, Prague-Prague 10, Czech Republic
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

See what we’ve done and where we’re going

They are launching Zerops

The own start-up, which aims to significantly simplify the deployment of websites and applications. Currently in beta testing.

We are growing in terms of personnel, finances and technical equipment

Vshosting Web Hosting grew by 20% in turnover, strengthened by 23 new colleagues and 756 new devices such as physical servers, virtual servers and switches. We increased the capacity of the data center by 2,500 servers. We increased the connectivity to 2 x 100 Gbps.

Member of FENIX and MANRS

They became a member of NIX’s secure VLAN called FENIX, demonstrating the level of security of our backbone network. And as the first in the Czech Republic, they are also a member of the Internet company MANRS, which supports activities aimed at securing the global direction of the Internet.

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Vshosting Web Hosting complete solution for companies that develop in containers. We will analyze your current solution and design a tailor-made infrastructure for you.

Complete management and round-the-clock support

They will take care of all Kubernetes cluster operation for you. They will provide updates, 24/7 monitoring and constant technical support directly in the data center. You will be contacted by our senior administrators within 60 seconds.

We will propose a tailor-made solution for you

Vshosting Web Hosting will prepare the entire Kubernetes infrastructure for the specific needs of your project. During the process of analysis, design and implementation, they will be your partners and consultants.

We will take care of databases and other services

They will prepare exactly the kind of database you need for Kubernetes. They will also provide the ELK stack, storage and other software. Everything included in the price, including administration.

In addition, you have above-standard management included in the price

Installation and basic setup of Kubernetes and load balancers for HTTP/HTTPS operation

Management of all hardware and operating system, Kubernetes nodes and load balancers

Nonstop monitoring of the entire platform (HW, load balancers, Kubernetes API, storage)

Vshosting Web Hosting addition, monitoring, management and backup of associated databases and services

Management of assigned public addresses and ports on load balancer Operating system and Kubernetes updates

Possible addition of additional nodes to the cluster Complete backup of the cluster and load balancers.

Firewall in high availability mode and other security

Each Kubernetes solution includes a replicated firewall that ensures maximum security. At the same time, all internal communication takes place only over the internal network. We can also provide a VPN upon request.

Expert advice and training included in the price

They will guide you through the entire process of switching to Kubernetes and help with training. The experts are ready to help you at any time. If you prefer a consultant dedicated directly to you, you can order this option as an additional service.

Your data in maximum security

Vshosting Web Hosting important elements in the data center are at least duplicated to keep your project running at all times. The servers are constantly under the control of senior administrators and technicians who are in the data center 24/7.

Over the course of 16 years, we have successfully migrated hundreds of clients.We will help you too.

  1. Make an appointment for a consultation Just leave us a contact. We will get back to you shortly.
  2. Free design solution They will discuss how we can help you without obligation. They will propose a tailor-made solution.
  3. Professional implementation They will prepare an environment for a problem-free migration according to a joint proposal.
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