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About has strong Scandinavian genes in our company culture. That means we design things with care and precision. That means quality is never something which should be questioned. That means we are huge nerds and really good at what we do. That means we drink a lot of beer.

Webdock Web Hosting are based in the very central part of Denmark on the island of Funen. It’s an awesomely well-connected location and they are fortunate to have moved into a beautiful countryside manor house where they plan to grow for years to come.

At this location they have started preliminary plans for constructing our very own on-location Datacenter. This will be a tremendous change for the company as a whole and will allow to expand into many avenues of Cloud services, and not just stay as a pure VPS company.

Some Quick Facts About Verpex Web Hosting

Webdock Basic Details
Hosting NameWebdock
Price Start From$5.89 / MO
Speed520 ms
Money BackAnytime
FeaturesFree Migrations, Free Domain Name, 24/7 Developer Support
Server LocationDallas
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Awesome Control Panel. Unique WordPress Features.

Free SSL Certificates

Get HTTPS security on your sites for free with Webdock using our Lets Encrypt integration. If you are paying for your certificates today, maybe it’s time for a change…

Free Transactional Emailing

Webdock offers free transactional emailing with Postmark. Take advantage of bulletproof delivery and the awesome reporting of Postmark to keep track of all your outgoing mail. They pick up the bill

Free Email Forwarding

Webdock offers free email forwarding with ImprovMX. If you don’t need a fully fledged mailbox, this is a quick and easy way to start receiving emails on your domain(s).

1-click WordPress Installer included

Provision an up-to-date production ready (fast!) LAMP or LEMP webserver with full root access in seconds. All servers get a dedicated, clean, IPv4 address as well as an IPv6 address space. Deploy WP-CLI and install WordPress in a single click directly from the Webdock Control Panel.

Check for and deploy updates to WordPress

Not only can you install WordPress in a single click with Webdock, using the WordPress Management features you can check for updates to WordPress and all your plugins in a single click and install them if you want.

Secure WordPress from Hacks: WordPress Lockdown

We provide a unique feature for WordPress security: WordPress Lockdown. Secure your WordPress site from 98%+ of all possible hacks in a single click. They can harden your WordPress installation by setting prohibitive permissions on all files. This can mitigate exploits and hacking of files in your installation.

Lots Of Free Backups Included

Webdock provides more backup snapshots than most. With 2 daily and 3 weekly snapshots in addition to your own 3 snapshot slots for each server, you have plenty of history to roll back to. Restoring a snapshot to a live server is snappy with minimal downtime.

Scaling Built In. Built To Perform

With our high limits, active balancing and lightning fast 90k+ iops SSD’s, a standard Webdock instance is more than adequate to run the vast majority of your production websites. Our servers are built to perform.

High Baseline Security & DDOS Protection

They have great security by default and you can turn off components easily such as FTP using scripts in the Webdock control panel. We have multiple tiers of DDOS protection and round-the-clock in-depth monitoring of our entire infrastructure. Often we will be able to warn you of a hack as it happens.

They Babysit Your Server. We Fix Things

The support boundary includes continuously monitoring your server and notifying you if we detect any anomalous activity. We help troubleshoot configuration and fix server issues relating to our LAMP or LEMP stacks. We will even fully manage and keep your server updated if you set up a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Green Energy. CO2 Neutral

Webdock is committed to operating in green-energy only datacenters. All our energy is derived from CO2 neutral sources such as wind or hydro power. They even donate 1% of all the turnover to CO2 reduction initiatives. Read more about our datacenters and our certifications here

GDPR Compliant and SLA Friendly

Webdock services are fully GDPR compliant and you can quickly and easily download a GDPR DPA between you and Webdock from your Account Dashboard. You can even generate a DPA if you are reselling Webdock hosting.

The Webdock Difference: Next Generation VPS Hosting

Feel The LXD Difference

With the Contanierized VPS Servers powered by LXD and our high hardware limits, you will experience speed and performance like you have never seen before in a VPS Server.

Instant Scaling. Near Instant Reboots.

The VPS Servers are extremely snappy and reboot in seconds and you can scale your hardware up or down almost instantly and typically without any downtime whatsoever.

Mature & Highly Secure

Container technology was originally invented to secure shared hosting environments and has today evolved into a highly secure framework which in implementation provides as secure and segregated an environment as traditional virtual machines.

99% Compatibility

The container-based VPS Servers are 99% compatible with almost all web applications and software with very few exceptions. Webdock servers fully support Docker and LXD for fast deployment of your own containerized applications.

You Get A Team Of Experts

Webdock has strong Scandinavian genes in our company culture. That means we design things with care and precision. That means quality is never something which should be questioned. That means we treat our customers with the same care and respect we would want for ourselves.

Transparent, honest and competent support

At Webdock we pride ourselves in providing world-class support and actually solving your problems. You can be certain that if you need our help you will be met with a smile and a high level of expertize. They will do very best to solve your problem for you outright or at the very least assist you in figuring it out, whatever it may be.

Fully Documented “World-Famous” Perfect Server LAMP & LEMP stacks

The “World Famous” Perfect Server Stacks are on the cutting edge and fully documented so that you always know exactly how your server is configured. They always have the latest stable, production ready, software versions in stacks, and stacks are tested in real-life production environments. That means that when you create a server with us you get a server which is ready to go in a production environment and you will typically not need to change any nitty gritty web server settings.

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