WebSub Plugin Review : How It Work , Pro , Cons

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What is WebSub?

WebSub Plugin is a web-based protocol for communication between websites, allowing websites to subscribe to and receive notifications of updates from other websites. It is an open standard for content distribution, enabling real-time updates and efficient content distribution.

WebSub provides a way for websites to subscribe to updates from other websites, without having to repeatedly check for updates. When a website is updated, it sends a notification to all subscribers, who then retrieve the updated content. This makes it an efficient and scalable solution for content distribution.

WebSub is designed to work with web feed formats such as RSS and Atom, and is commonly used for distributing news, blog posts, and other types of content. It is also used for web push notifications and for real-time updates of social media and chat applications.

Key Points Of WebSub Plugin

Plugin NamesWebSub
CMS SupportedWordPress
Plugin TypesPubSubHubbub
Free Option AvailableYes
Paid Option AvailableNo It Is Free Option
Starting Price$0
Support OptionClick Here For Support
Buy Shop LinkClick Here Visit WebSub Website

WebSub Plugin Features List

Real-time updatesOpen standardEfficient content distributionSecurity
Subscription and notificationCompatibility with web feed formatsSupport for web push notificationsFlexibility

How To Download WebSub Plugin?

You Can Download WebSub Plugin In Two Ways. Download It From WordPress Dashboard By Searching For Plugins Or Else Download It From WebSub Website.

What Is Cost Of WebSub Premium Versions?

WebSub Pro Is A Very Affordable Option Compared To Other Top Sharing Plugins. The Plugin Offers Three Different Packages. They Cost Just $0 And $0 Respectively.

Where I Can Buy WebSub Plugin ?

You Can Download Plugin Directly From WebSub Official Website. Visit Select Your Plan Than Fill All Necessary Details Like Name Email Id , Payment Details To Buy WebSub Plugin.

How To Install & Setup WebSub Plugin?

First Step Install Plugin From Plugin Section Of WordPress . Go To Plugin Than Click On Add New Option & Choose File From Your Computer And Click On Install Now Button . If Plugin Paid Version Available Than You Can Download Directly From WordPress Directory .

How To Install & Setup Monarch Sharing plugin

WebSub Features

Real-time updates

WebSub enables real-time updates of content, so subscribers can receive updates as soon as they are published.

Subscription and notification

WebSub provides a way for websites to subscribe to updates from other websites, and to receive notifications when updates are made.

Open standard

WebSub is an open standard, so it can be used by any website or application, regardless of the platform or technology it is built on.

Compatibility with web feed formats

WebSub is designed to work with web feed formats such as RSS and Atom, so it is easy to integrate with existing content management systems.

Efficient content distribution

WebSub allows for efficient content distribution, as subscribers are only notified of updates once, rather than having to repeatedly check for updates.

Support for web push notifications

WebSub can be used to support web push notifications, which allows websites to send notifications to subscribers even when they are not actively browsing the website.


WebSub requires the use of HTTPS, which provides a secure connection between the publisher and subscriber, ensuring that notifications and updates are not intercepted or altered during transmission.


WebSub is a flexible protocol, allowing for a range of use cases, including news, blog posts, and other types of content distribution.

WebSub Plugin Alternative ( WebSub Vs )

WebSub Vs is an affordable website builder and a very popular WordPress alternative among small business owners. Their plan starts at $1.95 per month and comes with free domain, business email address, autosave & backup features, website security solution, SEO tools, website analytics, and other powerful website optimization tools. has a drag & drop website builder that’s extremely easy to use even for non-techy users. They have thousands of pre-made website templates that you can pick from. You can also create a completely custom website with just point and click. They make customizing a website design really easy.

WebSub Pro Or Cons

Real-time updatesImplementation complexity
Efficient content distributionDependency on other technologies
Open standardLimited support
Compatibility with web feed formats

Frequently Ask Questions About WebSub Plugin

Is WebSub Free?

Yes, WebSub Is Free. It Is Available In The WordPress Repository As An Opensource. However, There Is Also A Premium Version Of This Plugin.

Can I Use Another Plugin With WebSub?

You Can Not Use Another Plugin With WebSub Together. There Can Be A Conflict Of Settings, Which Can Be Disastrous For Your Site’s SEO Performance.

How Much Does WebSub Cost?

WebSub Is Free To Use. There Is Also A Pro Version Of This Plugin That Starts From %0 For A Site.

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