Wpneuron Web Hosting Review: Hosting Solution For Everyone

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About Wpneuron Web Hosting

Wpneuron Web Hosting offers a managed WordPress hosting solution for an affordable price. You don’t have to worry about the speed, security or uptime. This is all on ! Reliable support can help you solve any problem with your WordPress site.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameWpneuron Web Hosting
Price Start From$3.75
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressDvorakova 230, Opatovice nad Labem, 533 45
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

WordPress Hosting

They focus on delivering the best WordPress hosting experience to a large scale of clients. Along with hosting services, they provide full development services.

Hosting Solution For Everyone

Whether you are small company seeking for a reliable partner or a big newspapers, they are here to provide you the best technologies available to host your WordPress website!

Small and Medium Business

If you are looking for reliable partner, we are here for you.

High Traffic Website

The infrastructure is prepared and ready to host high traffic websites.


Agencies will appreciate another added value to their work.

Set up Your Site

Creating an account and setting up an install is free. We are confident enough to let you try our platform. Because we know you will never leave!


20 GB disk space per install

unlimited traffic

unlimited data transfer


dedicated server set up

100 GB – 1 TB of a disk space

unlimited data transfer


The platform is specific for hosting a WordPress sites. Each site within platform will get set of extra features that will boost your site.

Reliable Support

The support is here to assist you with any problem. The technicians are certified WordPress developers and server administrators and they are keen to help you with your problem!


Backups are automatically created twice a week or on demand. You can simply restore your install with couple clicks in the administration!

SSL Certificate

They will provide a Let’s Encrypt certificate for free. We can also help you migrate your website seamlessly to http://.


For every install you can specify which IP addresses can access WP admin. You can also simply secure your site with a password for both production and staging environment. To see if your current site is vulnerable, you can use WordPress Vulnerability Scanner.

Staging Area

Create a staging area with one click! In this environment, typically under a different subdomain, you can update components or test plugins without affecting production environment.

Additional Services

They are offering premium plugins and themes from our own workshop for free. If you need help with WordPress development, we are ready to help you.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

The tool will scan your site for security issues such as core issues, vulnerable plugins and other known unsecure scripts. Please use this tool to improve your site’s security and don’t scan other websites with ulterior motives.

What makes your WordPress vulnerable?


Lot of plugins you are using might have security holes. Even if the plugin is well known. Not updating plugins might leave your site exposed to hackers.


Unfortunately, thanks to WordPress being so awesome platform, it is becoming quite complex and sometimes even core developers make mistakes.

Components & Libraries

Libraries such as Search and replace database or certain versions of Timthumb script might be insecure if kept on your site.

Weak passwords

Brute force attacks on your administration can break your password if you set up a weak one.

How do they suppress vulnerabilities?

Searching through the plugins

The automated script is scanning your install for the plugins and if outdated plugin with security holes is found, we will notify you.

Updating core

They proactively update core of WordPress sites. If there is a security update release, they are forcing this as soon as possible to protect your site.

Scanning all code

They are constantly scanning your site for scripts that might leave your site exposed and letting you know or removing them if possible.

Forcing strong passwords

You cannot set up a weak password for your WordPress users on our platform. They believe this is a very basic precaution to protect you and your business.

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