Zettahost Web Hosting Review: Everyone Deserves a Place on the Global Network

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About Zettahost Web Hosting

Zettahost Web Hosting can offer shared web hosting – the perfect solution for personal and small business websites. The shared hosting is powered by our clustered hosting platform. Each of the services (MySQL Database, PostgreSQL Database, Email) included in shared web hosting plans is running on a separate server in the cloud infrastructure.

Shared web hosting is the ultimate hosting solution at a reasonable price. The default shared web hosting plans for resellers are with Unlimited Traffic & Space features, plus Free Domain for 1 year for the Personal Plan and Free Domain Name for Life for the Business plan.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameZettahost Web Hosting
Price Start From$0.00 – $4.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Free Hosting

Zettahost Web Hosting Getting free web hosting is the perfect solution for your first website. You can use it to install WordPress, Joomla, or to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. 

The first free web hosting website was We started it in 2003, and to this day they continue to offer free hosting. And the best part is that you can use it forever.


To benefit from free hosting, you ought to have an account. Thus, account creation as a first step is to be expected.

You can create your free hosting account in the way most convenient to you. Whether you choose to go with a Facebook profile, a Google account, or email, you’ll get the same quality of service. Your account will be activated instantly.


Now that you have a free hosting account, you can start creating your website. After all, having a website is the goal. Right?

You can, of course, create your website from scratch, writing your HTML, CSS, and any other code, that is needed.

Yet, they recommend you to install a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress. 


It’s all set and done. You can enjoy your website. 

Zetta Free in Details

No Ads

The free hosting service that offers is genuinely free. Your website(s) are all yours, and we’ll never place any ads on them.

Professional Email

To be able to communicate with clients and partners, with our free hosting, you’ll have the opportunity to create an email of the type [email protected]

Host One Domain for Free

If you already have a TLD (.com. .org, .net, etc.) or any other type of domain, you can use it with our free web hosting service.

Disk Space

With Zetta Free plan, you’ll get 1GB of Disk Space. This storage is more than enough for one website.

High-Speed Performance

The visitors of your website will never know that you are using free hosting service. Your pages will load fast and easy, thanks to our powerful servers, located in Kiel, Germany.

Technical Support

They are always online. You can always count on quality technical support service, even in 2 after midnight. Contact at any time.

Why is a hosting company with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. In these years we’ve managed to proof our expertise and to build traditions in the web hosting business. As one of the pioneers of the truly free web hosting, we’ve abide by the quality of our services, and we promise to you:

SSL Certificates

The SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificates are created to make both users and businesses feel less threatened when they are submitting or processing personal data.

If you are selling something or processing personal data of any kind, you need to have an SSL Certificate, so the data will be encrypted.

Any information sent through SSL is encrypted, which prevents any interference or tapping on the transfer

Do I Need an SSL?

Having an SSL Certificate significantly helps your brand. Especially when it comes to trustworthiness. The little padlock that your users will see in their browsers, is always a positive sign for whether they can trust buying from you.

If you are selling through your website or the users are entering sensitive data on your website, it is mandatory for you to protect your website and their data. 

Online Business With no Investment

If you’ve ever thought that starting an online business, especially selling hosting services is too difficult, they are here to show you that actually it has never been so easy. Having in mind the speed with which the Internet is growing, hosting is becoming a great market.

The reseller hosting program offers various opportunities for a simple start in the hosting business. You can choose how much to charge your customers and create your own custom plans. You can decide to simply resell our services with no need of making any investment at all or you can decide to prepay for our services and sell them directly to your clients.

They offer a sophisticated platform for resellers that will help you automatically start reselling hosting through your existing website or through a new one, which you can create just as quickly with our storefront templates.

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