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About Lineahosting Web Hosting

Lineahosting Web Hosting was born as an Italian Hosting Provider in June 2002, more than 20 years ago, inheriting the experience and the first servers of a service already active from the first months of the new millennium with a brand mainly destined for the USA / Europe market.
LineaHosting ‘s mission was to provide Shared hosting services on O / S Linux and Windows,

Hosting for Resellers of excellent quality and ready to split and resale, for freelancers and Web Agencies who did not have the right know-how to deal alone technical problems and wanted to relate to a 100% Italian technological partner. In 2007, following the growing demand, the range of solutions was expanded with the addition of Dedicated Servers. Starting from 2014 there are also virtual server configurations , by virtue of the significant improvement of virtualization technologies.

Behind this long journey there has always been the work of people with solid skillsspecific and motivated in achieving and maintaining a high quality of service, supported by prudent partnership choices that would make available parts of infrastructures and technologies that would otherwise have multimillion-dollar start-up and management costs.

The strength lies precisely in our dimension as a “small” supplier, although with principals and Servers spread across 5 Datacenters in Europe. The distances between the customer and the person who physically puts his hand to his server are not filtered by company organization charts with watertight compartments, typical of large companies and national ISPs. This allows a better listening to the needs of each customer, with a more direct and collaborative relationship, also being able to have better control of the entire technological infrastructure.

Basic Information

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameLineahosting Web Hosting
Price Start From$2.94 – $9.91
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back
AddressVia Volturno 80, Brugherio (MB), Italia
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

What services does it offer and to whom it is addressed.

LineaHosting offers a wide range of Internet services leveled on the best features and technologies on the market, with a cost that is only partially higher than that of the big names in Web Hosting (for obvious reasons of economies of scale) but which incorporate all the features useful for professional uses and aim at a high quality of services, while remaining perfectly accessible even to the budget of a private individual.

The vocation is not simply to be suppliers of Hosting services, but to be able to give answers and solutions to the needs of the Customers, without ever skimping on more information, listening or advice, as well as obviously providing them with the most appropriate technological tools so that their projects on the Web can reach the set goals.

Reliability and performance come before the cost.

This is our business philosophy that inspires all our services. Nowadays, the choice of a hosting provider can arouse many perplexities and be extremely time-consuming, even for the most experienced customer. This is due to a huge multitude of proposals, many of which on paper appear superlative, sometimes even unlikely.

When they are accompanied by negligible costs. However, many of these, behind so much apparent abundance and so many promises, hide degrading quality compromises in order to be commercially sustainable, which result in gaps in performance, reliability or assistance.

In the long term, this generates mistrust in many private and business customers, who migrate to us after repeated negative experiences and, not infrequently, genuine mistrust and discouragement. Faced with this cauldron of offers, LineaHosting has always set itself the goal of putting the reliability and performance of the service at the center of its work, even when this means not having the most competitive prices on the market.

Premium SSL certificates

SSL Certificates protect your Customers’ personal data by encryption, including passwords, payment details and other sensitive information. Buying a Premium SSL Certificate is the best way to increase your customers’ trust in your business

Premium SSL certificates all have an annual duration (or even longer), unlike the free ones, and greater compatibility with older generation mobile devices and computers. But, even more importantly, the main difference lies in the image that a website or an online store transmits to its users and potential customers:

a Premium SSL Certificate is like a business card, it certifies the identity of the site and its owners. and – in some versions – it also displays a logo generated in real time that tells the customer that the site is safe and is actually what it claims to be.

Some (very good) reasons for wanting to switch to LineaHosting.

“I didn’t know you.” It is one of the phrases that we often hear from new customers, and it is also a bit of our fault. In all these years we have worked a lot behind the scenes, as Hosting Partner of PMI, Web developers and some companies listed on the stock exchange, but we have communicated little. 

So today – rightly – they have to convince new customers by listing some facts and numbers, which describe the advantages of our shared , virtual or dedicated hosting solutions. Here are some, which we invite you to compare with other Hosting Providers . The technical data of our services are very detailed and transparent, with a clear indication on the contract for the guaranteed levels. Elsewhere it won’t always be like this …

Performing hardware and systems

They only use Server Hardware of the most well-known brands (HP, Dell, Lenovo ..), with configurations based on CloudLinux (discover the advantages over normal Linux Hosting) and with amounts of system resources above average of equal value.

Multi-Tier backups included

All shared hosting plans adopt data replication via RAID and daily backups included in the cost. Some have an unrivaled Layered Backup Strategy , made up of local + remote copies and selective restores up to 60 days back!

Advanced security systems.

Any website or service you host from is protected by anti-malware and proactive defense systems such as Imunify360 , anti-intrusion firewall such as CSF and Ddos attack mitigation up to 40Gbit / s, in + out spam filters . Without costing you an extra penny.

Directadmin or CPanel Hosting

They have shared hosting solutions based on the two major control panels for hosting services: Directadmin (single or multi-domain), very stable and easy to use; CPanel and WHM (single / multidomain), powerful and complete.

Certified uptime 99.9% +

All Hosting services have a SLA guarantee of availability (Uptime), equal to at least 99.9% of the time in any month. They are transparent enough to engage an independent company to collect Uptime data, which they make public.

Servers in Italy or in Europe?

They place servers within infrastructures Data Centers ) both in Italy and in Europe , which meet high quality and safety standards, as well as respond to the needs of companies operating in a European or global context.

Powered by Litespeed Enterprise

If you are looking for a WordPress , Joomla or other CMS hosting, try the performance of our plans based on Litespeed and the support of LSCache : you will never look back! Performance increases up to 84 times compared to hosting without these technologies.

Softaculous App Installer

All LineaHosting shared hosting plans include Softaculous Pack , to be able to install or update 400+ Apps and over 1000 PHP classes in a simple and automatic way! Create trial or migration stages from / to other Hosting services.

Easy data migration

If you come from another Hosting Provider, transferring your Websites and data from us has never been easier! They carry out the free migration of all your data from other CPanel or Directadmin Hosting, up to 30 websites, or with a modest contribution in other cases.

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