Stream101 Web Hosting Review: Fast, Secure and Reliable Servers.

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About Stream101 Web Hosting

Stream101 Web Hosting started off as Internet Radio Pros in 2002. In 2006, Mr. Tom Skeeters took over as owner and began working on fixing the company’s reputation. Along with Mr. Marcus Allen, Tom began reworking the whole business model. Together they moved to better facilities with dedicated bandwidth and brand-new hardware. In 2007, it was decided to lose the name Internet Radio Pros and start fresh as Stream101.

With the company expanding, auxiliary staff was hired and the company grew. Stream101 has made countless improvements to it’s servers and software over the years. Stream101 began offering FREE Auto-DJ to all of it’s SHOUTcast clients, and began offering Web Hosting in June of 2008. The decision to add Icecast to the hosting lineup was made in 2010 and has been a new popular seller.

In 2012, the decision to sell Stream101 was made by Mr. Skeeters. A deal was worked out and Mr. Allen was sold the company and as of January 1, 2013 has taken over all operations. Since the beginning of 2013, 3 additional streaming media servers have been added and the company continues to grow. Stream101 is determined to provide quality media services to companies & individuals looking for professional and dependable streaming services.

DomainsBasic Details
Hosting NameStream101 Web Hosting
Price Start From$1.00 – $10.00
Speed520 ms
Money Back Money Back 30 Days
AddressNawa Prabhat Marga, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Email Support[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Reliable Servers

Stream101 Web Hosting Servers with redundant network and data center infrastructure, with the goal of providing efficient and cost effective high speed shoutcast hosting solutions to your Online Radio.


ICEcast & SHOUTcast plans come with Unlimited Bandwidth! Broadcast 24/7 to thousands of listeners and never get billed for your bandwidth usage. No Hidden Fees.


Stream101 strives to achieve excellent uptime and has worked very hard to keep the uptime at the highest level. They operate on only the best servers with the highest quality of bandwidth. The hard work payed off for the year of 2008 when they recieved Broadcasting World Best Uptime Award.

24/7 Support

Stream101 team is available 24/7 to assist. Stumptown fanny pack ullamco Neutra, Banksy keytar deep v four loko cray proident chillwave. Tote bag Brooklyn Bushwick pour-over. Helvetica shabby chic vegan stumptown. Occaecat yr seitan forage. Typewriter lo-fi sartorial, church-key hella est pickled sustainable master cleanse.

Sales Support

Have a question or need advice on what hosting or streaming service is right for you.  E-mail us today! Sales/Billing Department: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Eastern Time

Email Support

Stream101 Web Hosting Have a question or need advice on what hosting or streaming service is right for you.  E-mail us today!

Support Tickets

The best way to receive hosting support is to submit a ticket. Our staff is available 24×7 to help.

Social Media

Stream101 Web Hosting are available on all forms of social media.  Need to get our attention, help, advice or just like to chat contact on Twitter.

Affiliate Program

  • Earnings Amount: 10% Of the total order amount (EX: $100 order you would receive $10 in credit).
  • Payout Amount: You can use your affiliate credit towards a Stream101 service or cash out at $50 intervals.*
  • Mature Period: You have to wait 45 days before being able to use any affiliate credit. This gives time to honor our money-back guarantee and weed out fraudulent orders.

Affiliate Program Banners

Stream101 Web Hosting affiliate program has banners from within the Affiliate page inside Client Area that you can use. Be sure to link to your unique affiliate code that is given to you.

Please note, for any cashing out of services you will be subject to any governmental and local taxes. For payouts in the form of payouts, they will require an IRS W-9 to be submitted and on file. At the end of the tax year, a 1099-MISC form will be filed as required by United States Law.

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